May 23, 2024

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Locke & Key “The Snow Globe”

Season Three, Episode One.

It sure did seem like Locke & Key came back kinda fast for its third and final season.  I haven’t had a chance to really look too much into it.  The original comic story was basically covered by the first two seasons, but there were a few plot points left over to carry on into the final season.  So, when the show dropped onto Netflix, I stopped to look over the episodes and, not only does there seem to be fewer of them, the longest of them seems to run only about 47 or so minutes.  Now, if they can use the material they have to tell a good story, no worries, but it does seem as if they have less story this time around.

Then again, that’s probably better than stretching it too far, and that kid playing Bode wasn’t going to be that small forever.

As it is, the final season opens in a way to establish the new status quo going forward for the final batch of episodes.  Thanks to key magic, both Nina and Duncan are adults that remember the keys work and do magical stuff while oldest Locke child Tyler left town in order to forget since the keys cost him more than he was willing to remember.  Tyler starts off the season still away from the family, and there’s some question if he’ll be back in time for Duncan’s wedding.

So, is it the sort of thing I want to see?  Season one was too much high school drama angst for my taste, but even when that stuff reared its head in season two, it was in service to the greater story of the keys.  I still don’t care much for anything involving Nina’s love life, but I’ll take that over the comic version where she’s just drunk all the time.  But with Dodge fixed and Eden dropped down a well, presumably to her death (and yes, she’s confirmed dead here), what is left to hassle the Lockes?

How about a snow globe?

OK, to be more precise, the first person infected with the demon metal Captain Frederick GIdeon, was summoned from the dead.  The Lockes don’t know about him yet, but the two demonically-possessed sisters inside the snow globe do.  They work for him.  Or the demons inside them do.  It’s implied.  Sort of.

Look, Bode and Nina find a key that fits a snow globe, and when they try it out, it lets them go into the replica of Key House inside the snow globe.  The sisters were stuck in there, but they’re stronger than they look and can take the key from Nina since she’s only a Locke by marriage, and that leaves Bode trapped in the snow globe but outside the house and in the cold.

Really shoulda taken a jacket, Bode.

Like I said, the episode does a good job of establishing the new status quo, so while the sisters try to swap the snow globe key for all the others to get Bode back, Nina and Kinsey instead use the keys they do have to find a new place to stash the two forever with the mirror key.  Bode is saved, but Gideon, he’s still out there.  Will this be enough to carry a final season?  I don’t know, but I figure I might as well find out.