February 21, 2024

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The Boys “Herogasm”

Season Three, Episode Six.

OK, Hughie…you had that one coming.

And the opening parody of a certain celebrity-filled rendition of “Imagine” was well-done.

That said, there’s been a part of me that has been really dreading how this show would adapt the “Herogasm” storyline.

See, there’s just no way that this show would go to the same lengths as the original Herogasm.  That was dozens and dozens of supes all living it up in the ultimate hedonistic bacchanal, a story that included Homelander shooting a passenger plane down just because, Hughie getting sexually assaulted by Black Noir because Garth Ennis’s sense of humor can treat that for laughs while still showing Hughie is traumatized, and the Boys for the most part staying hidden and watching as the supes did all kinds of sex and drugs, often while naked.  I know this show has no problem with nudity or extreme violence or even a lot of the other stuff that goes down in that storyline.  I just never thought that the show’s version of Herogasm would be some sort of big, sprawling thing at a Caribbean resort. It certainly wasn’t going to be a multi-episode story.

Instead, it’s just an annual orgy for C-list superheroes, held at someone’s house.  For this episode, it’s the home of the TNT Twins, bickering siblings who were on Payback and that Soldier Boy wants dead.

There’s also a running gag where Butcher and MM both separately state that Frenchie really wanted to see Herogasm with his own two eyes, but Frenchie’s plotline is playing out somewhere else in a way that reminds the viewer that Kimiko’s happiness is probably going to be short-lived.

Still, Butcher and Soldier Boy made a deal:  Butcher will help Soldier Boy get payback on Payback as long as he helps them take down Homelander.  And yeah, Soldier Boy looks like he has the power to do so.  Hughie is going along with this, and Vought has footage of Soldier Boy leaving Crimson Countess’s exploded home, so Homelander sends the Deep to warn the TNT Twins since those two never went into hiding.  Black Noir digs a tracker chip out of his arm and disappears.  In the end, it comes down to everyone seeming to converge on the TNT Twins’ house…while Herogasm is going on inside.

Yes, the Deep gets it on with an octopus.

Yes,  A-Train is there, and he throws Hughie off by apologizing for killing Robin back in the pilot.  A-Train has learned a few things, even if I am not 100% sure how sincere his apology is.

Yes, Annie and MM go to warn people that, once Solider Boy shows up, Homelander is coming and it will get ugly.

Yes, Butcher brought Soldier Boy there.

Hughie, to his credit, sees a lot of people in there, and he opts to go in with his teleportation powers to find the TNT Twins so Soldier Boy doesn’t take out, oh, everybody.  And since Hughie’s clothes don’t travel with him, he fits in a little too well.  Granted, later when he decides to zap Annie out of there, her clothes don’t go either, and yes, Hughie deserved what she did to him outside the house.  That said, it does appear that Erin Moriarty has a “no nudity” clause in her contract while Jack Quaid does not.  Good for her.

Naturally, Soldier Boy finds the Twins and loses it again, killing and injuring a whole lot of people that weren’t his target.  The only ones who seem to get away completely unhurt are featured characters on the show, including ordinary human MM.  It does bring Homelander out, and it does appear that Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie can almost take him out.

But the real hinge for this episode appears to be Annie.  She’s tired.  She’s tired of Neuman and her implied threats, especially since Neuman isn’t even hiding she has superpowers from Annie anymore.  She’s tired of Hughie’s being an asshole.  And she’s tired of everything involving the Seven, Homelander, and Vought.  I said in an earlier write-up that Annie, due to her popularity, may be the one member of the Seven that Homelander can’t touch.  So yeah, she livestreams a big ol’ Truth Bomb.

Ratings and popularity are Homelander’s only real weaknesses after all.