December 6, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: The Amazing Spider-Man #54.1 (December, 2020)

Spider-Man doesn't really do anything.

Is this the last side issue for the “Last Remains” storyline?  I rather hope so.

Issue:  The Amazing Spider-Man #54.1, December 2020

Writers:  Nick Spencer and Matthew Rosenberg

Artists:  Federico Vincentini and Takeshi Miyazawa

The Plot:  Kindred springs his trap…I think.

Commentary:  Did the side issues for this storyline matter?  I am thinking not for the most part.  Peter Parker isn’t really involved in any of this stuff, and most of what happens here suggests his friends and allies could handle everything on their own.  Sort of.  Mostly.

To recap briefly:  Kindred, who is a loser, decided to torture Peter by showing that Mary Jane and the Spider-Friends were both headed into the same cemetery at the same time in an effort to help Peter defeat Kindred.  Kindred, still a loser, is of course a resurrected Harry Osborn.  He showed Peter how everyone was walking into this cemetery while the Morlun-powered Sin-Eater was lying in wait to do…something.

So, that means Peter had to somehow get away from Kindred to save Mary Jane and his Spider-Allies right?

Nope!  The Spider-Friends took care of Sin-Eater mostly by tricking him into taking the wrong set of powers, and then he killed himself, allowing Norman Osborn to go back to his old  self by the looks of things.  Kindred then pops out and captures everyone there Peter cares about.  So, unless these people play a big role in the finale, what exactly was the point of having them there?  The Sin-Eater didn’t add anything to the Kindred plot.  Dr. Strange and Black Cat disappeared halfway through.  Mary Jane is basically a hostage.  Norman is back to his usual self.  This side story didn’t do a dang thing to really flesh out the main tale.

Really, not a fan of this whole arc, but at least the issues with Peter seem to actually be going towards defeating the actual villain of the piece.

Grade:  C

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