September 30, 2022

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The Umbrella Academy “Auf Wiedersehen”

Season Three, Episode Seven.

There’s something so quintessentially Umbrella Academy where Sir Reginald basically tries to help Klaus master his powers by having his maybe-adopted son literally play in traffic.

The fact that it works is something else altogether.

Meanwhile, with Harlan dead (and Viktor doesn’t find out right away), the Sparrows are willing to work with the Umbrellas.

But before I go too much further, can I just point out how utterly unimpressive the Sparrows have been so far.  By the time this episode is over, there’s only two of them left.  Say what you will about the general competency of the Umbrellas, but at least most of them are still alive save the original version of Ben.  Ben 2.0 is still angling for leadership despite the fact nobody likes him, including Fei and Christopher the Cube.  I mean, Sloane might, but I don’t think anyone really asks her, and Ben’s general dickishness actually helps Viktor get his act together in a plan that requires Viktor, Sloane, Lila, and Christopher to combine their powers enough to contain the Kugelblitz inside the Cube Guy.

There are still three more episodes left to this season.  I didn’t need to be told this wouldn’t work even before everyone assumed it did and they started drinking.  At least Luther and Sloane got engaged…

But really, I got to thinking this time around about Viktor’s behavior.  He’s worried about Allison.  I figure he should be.  If even someone as generally jaded as Lila thinks Allison needs some help, it might be a good idea to get that help especially as her powers are stronger now and she doesn’t even need to say she heard a rumor.

So, let me consider a basic question:  is what Viktor did wrong for trying to protect Harlan, a man whose life was ruined because he accidentally got some of Viktor’s powers and then equally accidentally doomed all of reality?

Personally, I am inclined to side with Viktor.  Harlan didn’t set out to hurt anybody, and it’s not like most of the Sparrows or the Umbrellas have a powerset that can fix things right now.  Sure, they tried, but it wasn’t going to work because, again, this is only episode seven of ten.  But when Viktor tries to bring up how dangerous Allison seems to be right now to Five, he takes Allison’s side over Viktor’s, explaining that superheroes need to make hard choices, what Viktor did was wrong by concealing things that, quite frankly, got Harlan killed anyway, and if Viktor does something like that again, Five will kill Viktor himself.

OK, that seemed wrong to me.  Like I said, Viktor was trying to protect people, and let’s face it, Viktor has been a “superhero” for maybe a week at this point.  But then I considered it was Five who said that, the old man trapped in the teenager’s body, and Five would be the one who would be best suited to give that speech.  Five is a jaded character who can and is often the most ruthless member of the family (it ain’t, despite his best efforts, Diego).  Going to Five for comfort is probably a bad idea.  Five cares, but he also has a very strong pragmatic streak.  If that talk had come from Luther or Klaus, yeah, that would have been a bit more disturbing, but it fits in with Five’s character, and it’s not that often Five and Viktor interact anyway.

Besides, given a quick flashback to Allison’s saying she’d always have Viktor’s back, I think the audience is supposed to see Allison as the more dangerous Hargreeves right now anyway.

Eh, in the end, the Cube exploded.  The Kugelblitz got out and vaporized Fei in the process, and the others all fled with Five grabbing Ben on the way out.  Somehow, trying to contain the Kugelblitz just made things worse.

Yeah, that sounds about right for this show.

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