July 19, 2024

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K9 “Hound Of The Korven”

Thorne gets K9's regeneration circuit.

It’s the penultimate episode and…well, the series decided to toss some curveballs for some reason.

So, Thorne goes to Darius with a…threat maybe?  Blackmail?  Something?  Darius’s father from the previous episode is in a maximum security jail that takes the form of VR solitary confinement.

Dude, that’s cold.

But he’ll get Papa Pike out of that prison and somewhere more humane if Darius can get K9 to bring Thorne the regeneration circuit.  Also, Thorne claims he has a chip with at least some of K9’s lost memories on it.  For the memories at least, K9 will go for the exchange.

So, why threaten Darius’s father?  That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Regardless, it’s obviously a double cross.  Thorne gets what he wants, but afterwards, K9 is effectively a bomb.  There’s some efforts by June and Jorjie to stop him, and that shadowy guy Thorne works for is also June’s boss even if she pushes back a bit.  But then comes the big shock.  You know, as shocking as this show can get.

The Jixen?  It can talk.  And it’s friendly.  The Jixen came through with K9 as honor guards, not enemies.  The real bad guys are the Korven.

You know, the most vicious evil and dangerous things K9 has ever encountered aside from all those Doctor Who enemy monsters that this show didn’t have the rights to use.  I would really love to watch the Korven deal with the Daleks.  I suspect that fight would last about five seconds and not in the Korven’s favor.

Regardless, Darius’s father is moved to minimum security by June, K9 does not explode, and the Jixen is maybe their ally as this series heads into its final episode, and then I will…not really miss it truth be told.