September 28, 2023

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K9 “The Last Precinct”

Some former police officers take over the Professor's house to prove a point.

So, did anyone working on this show know what a cyborg was?

Look, I get that saying “cyborg” and “cybernetic” sounds cool, but I am not sure most of the characters on this show referred to as “cyborgs” actually are.  K9 calls himself that, but he doesn’t seem to have any organic parts.  Those robot cops are called that too.  I guess they can have organic parts.  One had human DNA at one point.  I never did quite understand that.  Sure, this is a kids show.  It probably didn’t put that much thought into the sci-fi concepts that underscore, well, all of sci-fi.  It didn’t have to.  It just had to entertain some kids.

But I’m a man in his 40s that is watching this show for…reasons.  Why did I have to be a completionist?  There’s not much value to K9 as a series.  Its best episodes are maybe cute and that’s about it.  Sure, I needed something to slow things down so I don’t run out of Doctor Who material before I decide what to do next.  And there will always be more Doctor Who material as things stand now.  But I chose this show, knowing who the target audience was, and I kept at it when it became clear I didn’t really like it all that much.

I don’t hate it either.  It’s just kinda…there.

Anyway, this episode has three cops take over the Professor’s house.  When he says it’s his house, they tell him it isn’t.  Solid argument there.  However two of the cops are humans that are mad about getting laid off. One of those humans is Darius’s estranged father that he will somehow hug out some forgiveness for later.  And the robot cop is there with an alien computer virus that will infect the other robotic cops and show the Department why they needed to keep human cops on the job.

Oh, and those guys have a weapon that can temporarily stun K9.

Anyhoo, there are the usual shenanigans.  June doesn’t know about alien tech in the robocops but Thorne does, possibly because he put it there.  The alien computer virus works too well as the infected cop first attacks one of the two human cops, a move that if this show was aimed at an older audience would have left that guy dead.  But since they went all “kill all the humans,” everyone realizes that infecting the robocops who may or may not be cyborgs with a virus to prove a point was a really bad idea.

And then off to the side, the kids get away and compare notes, how Jorjie only has her mom, how Starkey is an orphan, and how Darius theoretically has his dad but he hasn’t seen him or spoken to him in a while.  Hence the hugging out that seemed kinda sudden by episode’s end.

Oh, and K9 was able to stop the infected cops.  Will the Department learn anything from this?  Um…were they supposed to?