June 22, 2024

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K9 “Mind Snap”

K9 loses even more of his memories.

Every so often, I say I expect one of my write-ups or articles here to be short only to realize I had a lot more to say than I thought.

This one here will be really short for certain.

See, it’s a clip show.  How does a kids show with only 26 episodes have a clip show?  I mean, these are money saving ventures.  The new scenes only feature K9, Starkey, and the Professor.  It’s mostly in a single room.  And the plot is basic:  K9 tries using the Professor’s time machine to regain his lost memories, but there’s an overload, and the opposite happens.

Here’s where I point out K9 only has memory loss because the series didn’t have the legal rights to anything other than K9 himself.

Anyway, he now thinks he is a real cyborg dog instead of a robot that was shaped like a dog, doesn’t initially remember Starkey and the Professor are his friends, and then has to go down memory lane to go back to normal.

Which he does, but not before seeing scenes from earlier in the series.  Some of which didn’t really involve him all that much.

He even flashed back to the previous episode.

Told ya this one was short.