July 21, 2024

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The Umbrella Academy “Marigold”

Season Three, Episode Six.

So…let’s talk parenting.

Parenting seems to be the name of the game for this episode.  There are folks there with kids, or at least people they feel as close to as children, and it says something about each of them and how they handle children.

First up, Pogo.

Pogo was first seen this season giving out tattoos in a biker bar when Five finds him.  Five knows in the future he will have a tattoo, and he knows Pogo won’t recognize him.  But that doesn’t mean Pogo will listen when a kid shows up talkin’ tatts.  After a chase to the talking chimp’s home in a trailer park, Pogo and Five chat.  It turns out Pogo did once train the Sparrows, but he objected to how Sir Reginald was using them.  Hargreeves was being the harsh jackass that the series has always shown him to be.  So what does that mean?  Well, Pogo got fired, but since he recognized Sir Reggie’s general danger to, well, everyone, he was the one who gave the Sparrows those drugs to keep the old man somewhat sedated, meaning they weren’t necessarily doing it out of maliciousness.

Klaus done screwed up and didn’t know it.

But as for Sir Reggie, he’s going to help Klaus learn more about his powers…by killing him.  That’s gratitude for ya.

What about Viktor?

Viktor listened to Harland about how best to remove those nasty powers Viktor accidentally gave juvenile Harland, so that’s actually some good parenting there in my view.  It’s always good to listen to your kids, not get stubborn and always assume you know better than they do, especially since Harland has had more chronological time to figure those powers out than Viktor has.

But then there’s Allison.  Feeling depressed that her season one daughter never existed and her season two husband died of old age, she’s been thinking about turning Harland over to the Sparrows as requested.  Viktor won’t go for that.  However, Harland accidentally lets out that he accidentally killed all those mothers, so yeah, Allison will deliver Harland to the Sparrows.

Or, more accurately, deliver a corpse.  Boo!

And finally, there’s Diego and Lila.  They go looking for Stan, assuming he went into an alternate version of the hotel, one with a name like a codeword Pogo heard Sir Reggie use a bunch of time.  It turns out to be both empty and deserted.  Oh, and Lila mentions Stan is actually a kid she’s babysitting for a friend.

Did her friend die when the rest of the time travel authority was wiped out in that future she and Five visited?

Might not matter.  Stan was off getting a slurpee.  Oh, and a Kugelwave killed him when he got back.

See, parenting is hard enough even when you aren’t facing down the apocalypse…again.