August 11, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: Suicide Squad #6 (August, 2021)

Waller sends the Squad to rescue Bloodsport from Earth-3.

The latest Suicide Squad series depicts an Amanda Waller whose general ruthlessness has somehow gotten a lot worse over time.  She’s putting together, basically, her own Justice League, and she’s scouring the mutliverse to get the team she wants.

That may include a rescue mission.

Issue:  Suicide Squad #6, August 2021

Writer:  Robbie Thompson

Artists:  Eduardo Pansica, Dexter Soy, and Julio Ferreira

The Plot:  Ultraman captured Waller’s recruiter Bloodsport on Earth-3.  That means the Squad needs to go for a rescue.

Commentary:  So, a quick question that isn’t really addressed:  Earth-3 is a world where bad guys always win.  How exactly does the Suicide Squad count as far as “bad guys always win” is concerned?

It’s a moot point.  Waller in an earlier issue said she saw Earth-3 as a place that could use her, so she may not be staying away for very long.  I may find out in a future issue.  For now, she needs to send a team to bring Bloodsport back, not so much because she cares about the guy but because she needs him still.  Besides, she also knows the team has been talking behind her back and has taken a few steps to rectify that situation, mostly by sending Peacemaker on a separate mission to maybe capture Swamp Thing, a result she finds unlikely but wouldn’t be a bad get.

Instead, this issue focuses mostly on setting a Squad to go to Earth-3 and bring back Bloodsport, but also the Earth-3 version of Black Canary, AKA Black Siren.  Beyond that, the issue seems to focus on one of the bigger mysteries of the series, ending with a page that make that mystery even less certain:  how the hell did Waller get Superboy under her thumb?  He’s far too, well, moral for the Suicide Squad, but that may not be so true anymore.  If anything, he was arguably too good.  Now, well, there may be a reason, one saved for the next part.  That’s in an annual, and DC, unlike Marvel, does include Annuals with the series they accompany and don’t list them separately.

Then again, if I could see more of Peacekeeper looking for Swamp Thing, I would be even happier.

Grade:  B+

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