May 23, 2024

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K9 “Mutant Copper”

K9 and friends opt to help a robot cop that seems to develop sentience or something.

I have…so many questions.

So, basic plot here:  after attending a protest of about twelve people against the Department, Stakey, K9, Jorjie, and a friend of Jorjie’s that had never been seen before and will never be seen again witness that the robocops aren’t after them but are instead after one of their own.

Now, the thing is, the robot cop is clearly malfunctioning and has a part hanging off its face.  I’d say more, but the modulated his voice to a higher pitch, and with my poor hearing, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be understanding what he was saying.  Much of the episode dealt with K9’s prejudice against human minds or cyborgs or something, and the cop, called Birdie, was hidden away at the manor until the main cast can figure out what to do with Birdie.  Yes, Thorne is behind everything.  Yes, the friend we’ve never seen before and never will again is self-serving and gets his just-desserts.

However, I am rather confused by what exactly K9 and the cops are right now,  K9 keeps calling himself and the others cyborgs.  Aren’t cyborgs organic beings with mechanized parts?  So, does that mean the cops and K9 have, like, organic brains or something I can’t see?

Does that mean when Thorne sentenced a cop to 20 years working in a mine in a previous episode, he was being cruel to an organic being on some level that had some sentience and not just a mindless robot as the cops often seem to be?

And the reason Birdie is the way he is is because Thorne fused him with some human DNA.


Where was this DNA infused into what I thought was a robot?

Heck, at one point, K9 says Birdie has an accident while shaving.  These cops are robots.  They have no hair whatsoever.  They don’t grow hair.  What was Birdie shaving?

These things…do not make much sense.  Am I asking too much of a one-season kid’s show from Australia that is using one of the sillier aspects of Doctor Who as its central character?  I mean, yeah, probably, but words mean things, you know?

Look, that’s enough for this one.  Suffice to say…this one was hella weird.