September 29, 2023

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K9 “Lost Library Of Ukko”

Starkey is trapped inside an alien library card. No, really.

So, I have a friend who is a librarian, and she would absolutely despise this episode since the alien librarian fits exactly with the librarian stereotype of the glasses, uptight attitude, Victorian-era clothing…about the only thing missing is the tight hair bun, but that may be due to the fact the actress is wearing a purple head covering that doesn’t even look like it’s attached even though it supposed to be the top of her head.

As for me…well, it’s another episode of K9.

So, since Inspector Thorne is running things now, and he’s like Drake only older, meaner, and craggier-looking, Darius, Starkey, and K9 decide to sneak into Department headquarters during a tour for people looking to get a job there.  Yes, Thorne is leading the tour, but he soon looks the other way and allows the two boys to sneak into his office.  K9 says there’s a holographic photo on the desk that they should not look at, but Starkey does, and he’s sucked inside.  Darius manages to get it without the base back to the mansion and K9 explains it’s a library card where the card preserves a lost planet in holographic form.  Only one of the Librarians of Ukko can get Starkey out.

Enter a Librarian.  She just seemed to know to show up.  She has special glasses that allow the others to look at the picture and even talk to Starkey, and he is absolutely not allowed to contaminate the planet with anything, so there’s your bathroom humor for the episode.

So, the Librarian, when she isn’t criticizing the Professor’s organizing skills, needs the base to get Starkey back.  Step one:  get the base from Thorne’s office.  Best way to do that?  Trick him into looking at the picture too.  See, he wants to use the card as a means to create prisons for criminals, and he figured Starkey would be the first because clearly life on an alien planet only with what supplies he happened to have on him is a fair sentence for someone whose worst crime so far seems to be minor vandalism.

Then again, Thorne punished a robot for following instructions too literally, so he may be a special kind of asshole.  He’s the kind who will try to steal Starkey’s water bottle over there.  Because, you know, desert planet and all.

Does the Librarian get Starkey and Thorne back?  Sure.  She tells Thorne off and threatens to erase him if he screws around with their stuff again and departs, offering the Professor a chance to come with since there are so few men on her world.  He manages to step just outside his front door, so he must have been tempted, but he’s still not going anywhere.  Who else is going to run the frequently malfunctioning time machine if he leaves the show when there are still about nine or so episodes left?

But yes, Thorne is a major dick.  Who weaponizes a library card?