December 8, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: X-Force #3 (December, 2019)

A new team forms with a specific mission.

I for the most part liked the first three issues of this series, but this is one of those cases where I have to ask myself if it would have worked better if I had read them all at once.

Issue:  X-Force, December 2019

Writer:  Benjamin Percy

Artist:  Joshua Cassara

The Plot:  Professor X concludes that his new nation needs something he hadn’t considered before.

Commentary:  I realize comics are written more for the trade these days, so it doesn’t surprise me much that it took this X-Force series three issues to even set up the team and establish who the main villains are probably going to be.  I get that, and I won’t really say much about the antagonists because that comes more or less on the last page.  It plays out from plot elements Jonathan Hickman set in motion during House of X/Power of X, so no complaints from me.  What was on display here shows they’ll be a formidable group for the new X-Force, and I can go along with that.

Essentially, Xavier’s resurrection does eventually work, and once back in the land of the living, he takes some advice from Magneto and commissions essentially a mutant intelligence organization, with Jean Grey, Beast, and Sage acting as the analysts on Krakoa while Wolverine, Domino, and Kid Omega are the field team.  Much of this issue showed how something like that could work, and it’s to Benjamin Percy’s credit that he managed to strike a good balance with Jean’s group working to resurrect the Professor while Wolverine and Kid Omage rescued the heavily mutilated Domino from the mystery group that grabbed her.  They’d been using patches of her skin to get their assassins past Krakoa’s defenses, and she wasn’t looking too well.

Why Wolverine didn’t “kill” her on the spot so she could be resurrected later I don’t know, but it’s not like there aren’t mutant healers and the like on Krakoa too.

Oh, and there is a massive threat to Wolverine’s team that demonstrated the bad guys can actually put together some tech and agents using advanced science that can stymie even someone like Kid Omega, a particularly powerful telepath and telekenetic.

So, not a bad origin story all told.

Grade:  B

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