June 12, 2024

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K9 “The Cambridge Spy”

An accident sends Jorjie back to the 60s, and possibly eliminating Darius from the timestream.

So, the show based on a character from Doctor Who and with a time machine of sorts in the show’s main setting finally decided to let the characters do some time traveling.

Then again, someone thought K9 using 60s slang for this episode was the height of comedy, so don’t look at me for clarification on that sort of thing.

So, it’s another dark and stormy night, and as Jorjie is working on a school report about a Russian spy ring that got caught in 1963, the machine goes nuts and she disappears.  However, Starkey finds her very quickly because she’s now in the newspaper she was using for her report.  Fortunately, Jorjie decided for some reason to dress like she was from the 60s while writing the report.  So, she fits right in.

Granted, she popped into a police station, and she gets arrested along with a lone cabbie that tried to help and looked exactly like Darius.  It turns out to be Darius’s great-grandfather, and using the same actor sure is a convenient way to save money.  However, Great-Grandpa Pike hasn’t had any kids yet, and he’s just been arrested on espionage charges as well.  He’s innocent, of course, but that can cause problems.  Sure, the Professor can send Starkey and K9 back in time to rescue Jorjie, but the bigger issue may be that Darius keeps fading in and out of existence.

Yeah, Back to the Future rules seem to apply.  So, now Starkey and K9 have to make sure Darius’s ancestor doesn’t go to jail or something.

I’m not sure if it is to the show’s credit or not that nobody stopped to ask if they’d be better off without Darius.

Then again, no one in 1963 seems all that surprised to see K9 hover all over the place and occasionally blast things with his nose beam.  It’s like they aren’t even trying all that hard anymore.  Then again, I only have ten more of these after this one, so I won’t be questioning it too hard.

Regardless, K9 does manage to translate some handy documents that say Darius’s ancestor is innocent because the real spy would be using his government credentials to cause trouble for a convenient scapegoat. Once that is out, and to no witnesses, everything is settled and K9 and the kids can go home.

But then in an epilogue, it comes out that the cop interrogating Darius’s grandpa and a helpful citizen were the spies still running loose and…nothing happened to them?  They weren’t arrested later or something?  That was…odd.

Then again, this is an odd show.