February 26, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Task Force Z #3 (December, 2021)

Jason Todd's task force gets a new member, and the control his benefactors have on him is not absolute.

So, before I go too far, I want to make a quick note about one big way that DC Infinite does a better job than Marvel Unlimited.  Marvel puts new books out sooner, has more original content, and has been a bit more thorough about uploading older comics with additional comics added to the site twice a week to DC’s once.  But I tend to consult those sites to get the creative teams when I write these reviews, and DC, unlike Marvel, actually lists the inkers.

Those guys deserve credit too.

Issue:  Task Force Z #3, December 2021

Writer:  Matthew Rosenberg

Artists:  Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira

The Plot:  Jason chafes against his mysterious controller as he initiates a new member to his undead task force.

Commentary:  In three issues, I’ve seen Jason put into a mortal or lethal danger twice.  The first time, he escaped because Bloom came back and saved him.  This time?  Naw, he died.  But give the guy enough Lazarus Resin, and the resurrection is a lot more thorough and a lot less temporary.  Jason rates high enough to come fully back to life.  The others?  Not yet.

That includes Deadshot, and I really dug the scene where Jason had to tell him what the deal was.  Deadshot is somewhat famous for having a death wish while being stuck on the Suicide Squad.  So, he’s somewhat familiar with what’s going on up to a point.  He isn’t surprised it happened.  And he damn well does blame Jason for making him into an undead monster.

That said, I was reminded a bit that Jason has something of a history with one member of the group, and it isn’t Sundowner as those two sneak out of pizza in a way that wasn’t really sneaking out.  No, I had forgotten–since the series didn’t remind me up until this point–that Bane murdered Alfred during Tom King’s Batman run.  That comes up here, but it seems more of a sign of both the series showing how much the zombies can reason and remember while at the same time reminding the reader that Jason does have a history with at least some of his recruits.

There is a surprise here too, as it turns out the zombies, plus Sundowner, are all vulnerable to poisons and the like.

The issue ends with the revelation of who exactly is behind Task Force Z, and it is somewhat unexpected, but I would wager there were maybe a few clues along the way, but I’ll probably have more to say about that reveal when I write up the next issue.

Grade:  B+