May 19, 2024

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The Boys “Barbary Coast”

Season Three, Episode Three

Well…last time I talked about how messed up most of the members of The Boys were but opted not to say much about Homelander.

Yeah, Homelander decided to play catch-up.

To be clear, the episode opens and closes with one of the more emotionally stable and healthy members of the cast, namely Starlight, and how she deals with the insanity around her, largely by clenching fists where no one can see them.  But as it is, the episode can arguably be divided neatly into two parts…well, three if you count Frenchie’s encounter with Russian mobster Little Nina, and she isn’t all that little.

No, the two plots are Homelander’s increasing insanity as his antics seem to be getting him higher approval ratings with white rural men (can’t imagine what that’s supposed to be a stand-in for), so he opts to, well, gloat.  He’s making the final decision on who will win the new spot on the Seven during a reality TV competition, not Annie, and her reminder that she has that footage of his letting an airplane full of people die has no effect whatsoever on Homelander.  He just doesn’t care anymore.  And who does he want?

The Deep.

Oh, that slimy aquatic hero is back, and not only will Homelander force Annie to agree to his return on TV, but he’ll likewise force Deep to enjoy a seafood dinner…that ends with a live octopus who happens to be Deep’s friend Kevin, a scene that is played for dark laughs rather effectively while reminding the viewer just what a sadistic and powerful jackass Homelander is.

In fact, all Annie wants to do is quit, but Hughie thinks she can’t because they need someone to keep an eye on Homelander while Butcher gets that gun that can maybe kill him just like it did Soldier Boy.

Yeah, the other aspect was the flashback to Soldier Boy’s death in Nicaragua in the 80s.  Payback was there, and they were every bit as incompetent as superheroes usually are in this universe but that are rarely shown to be.  We’re usually just told.  But no, the group was ambushed because human fly Squatto couldn’t keep from flying up and getting spotted.  He and Soldier Boy were the only superheroes on hand who seemed to get killed, though Black Noir (yes, that Black Noir) was severely mutilated in the face.

So, two notes:  1) good casting on young Grace Mallory and Stan Edgars, and 2) why do I suspect this gun may not exist since only Crimson Countess seemed to see it?

Granted, Butcher isn’t thinking that.  He’s wondering why Mallory didn’t mention a supe-killing gun before.  Besides the Russians may have it.  They did take Soldier Boy, a guy who makes Homelander seem downright…OK, he’s bad in a completely different way, but I don’t think anyone is as bad as Homelander.

I suppose I will have to wait and see.  I am sure no matter what happens, it probably isn’t going to be good for a whole lot of people.