September 29, 2023

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K9 “The Last Oak Tree”

The group goes on the hunt for an alien that stole the last oak tree from a museum.

Here’s how Wikipedia summarizes this episode:  “Panic ensues when a museum exhibit is stolen and K9, Starkey, Darius and Jorjie are on the trail of the culprit only to find a giant menace hiding in London’s abandoned sewers. However, is the Alien really a threat or is Drake the bigger evil?”

It’s Drake.  It’s always Drake.

So, apparently, Robin Hood was real in this universe.  It wasn’t that long ago when I saw the Doctor telling Clara Robin Hood wasn’t real only to be surprised to find out he was.  Here?  No one questions it.  He’s a museum exhibit, a hologram around the last oak tree, taken from Sherwood Forest, and that’s where Jorjie, Starkey, and K9 begin the episode.

Then there’s a light show, people run away, and the tree disappears.  An EM pulse shorts out most of the tech in the area except K9 since he’s an advanced machine from the future that was built to withstand those things.  There are some weird secretions that K9 and the kids collect a sample from, and they go back to the mansion where the Professor is waiting for his annual invite to a big science awards show.  He won’t go because that would require leaving the house, but he does enjoy turning them down every year.

OK, to cut to the chase…the alien this time is a giant termite.  No, really.  And it captured one guy and later Starkey, but it turns out the alien isn’t really hostile.  I mean, it’s not gonna eat anybody on a show like this.  Instead, it was laying eggs and needed the oak tree to provide some nourishment.  Also, it stole some mail apparently.  So, all it really wants is a place to keep its eggs safe until it’s time to move on.

Oh, and since it is always Drake, he’s setting a pesticide bomb.  Seriously.

However, Starkey decides to save the eggs with an assist from K9, and while Jorjie, Darius, and that other guy all flee, Starkey and K9 don’t blow up either because the grateful termite mother saved their lives and even gave them a couple acorns to grow some more oak trees.

See?  It’s never the alien if the question is whether the real enemy is the alien or Drake.  It is always Drake.