June 22, 2024

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K9 “Aeolian”

An alien that communicates musically is inadvertently destroying London.

Well, here’s another example of multiple plotlines more or less working, and this time all in the service of character development.

Oh, I still don’t care much for the characters, but I can appreciate the effort.

Oh hey, I’m at the halfway point!

So, apparently, the entire city of London is being hit by a bad storm, and everyone can hear some music being played over it.  And I mean everyone.  A little analysis shows that the music is actually causing the storm, and K9 and the Professor both more or less figure out that it’s coming from an Aeolian, an alien from a race that communicates musically but were supposedly wiped out millennia ago.

Look, I get why K9 knows a lot of this stuff, but how does the Professor?  This series is supposedly set in the year 2050.  Did humanity learn that much about aliens in the next 30-40 years?  He has books that cover what sort of materials are needed to travel to different dimensions.  Unless people learned that at some point, he shouldn’t have a book on that subject.

Am I overthinking a ridiculous Australian kids show?  Probably.  I’d ask Jimmy, but he knows better than to answer questions about a show he’s never seen.  He’ll ask them about shows he has.  Big difference.

Anyway, due to the destruction raining down quite literally on the city, Jorjie is pinned to her own bed by a collapsed roof, forcing Darius to go try and keep her awake and alive until help arrives.  The Professor and June hang around the mansion and monitor things.  And Starkey and K9 go off to find the lost Aeolian.

Wait, K9 I get, but is this show really relying on Starkey to save the city?  Man, in another show, these people would be doomed.

Anyway, this episode has something of a theme of love.  See, the Aeolian is a female…not that you’d know it to look at her.  I’ll explain in a minute.  See, this one is lonely because she’s been separated from her husband for an awfully long time and is playing a pipe organ to get his attention.  But the playing of the organ is causing the storm that might destroy the city if she doesn’t turn it off.  K9, despite being rusty with the language, seems to get the need to translate accurately.  Starkey, well, he tries to tell Inspector Drake not to shoot the Aeolian because of course that’s Drake’s whole idea on how to fix things.

Meanwhile, Darius tries to tell Jorjie, half out of it, that he’s smitten with her, and she confesses she is also smitten…with Starkey.

Really?  Kid doesn’t have a last name or anything…

Anyway, Drake turns out to be his usual jerkass self, but his efforts to kill that which he does not understand comes to naught as the Aeolian’s mate shows up…and he looks exactly the same as her, more or less.  Couldn’t even put a woman in the one suit?  I guess not.

So, the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!

Crap.  Wrong show.