June 22, 2024

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K9 “Alien Avatar”

Drake has a secret and alien holograms are appearing near the poisoned Thames.

Well, this one was kinda clever.

See, this time around there was an episode with what looked like multiple plotlines going on at once that all more or less matched up.  It opens with Starkey and K9 going fishing, something K9 doesn’t get and the robocops really don’t get.  But the fish are all dead and on the show, victims of a really toxic substance that also burns K9 a little.

Meanwhile, Inspector Drake is holding some aliens in a secret prison while trying to keep it from June.

And Darius, while trying to sell some of the Professor’s old books, spots some aliens speaking a language he doesn’t understand, but they quickly fade from view.

See, that’s a lot.

However, this is still a fairly basic show.  All this has to be solved in about twenty minutes or so.  The Professor will find a chemical or substance on the dead fish that he somehow knows is used for interdimensional travel.  June will go report what she found to the main cast.  The kids and K9 will look around the Thames, and K9 will speak to the aliens in their own language because the projections are some sort of holographic form of communication from the two guys Drake is holding captive, trying to learn how to use their ship.

So, really, this one had K9 learning an alien language, June pulling rank, and Starkey showing how going fishing is somehow helpful to finding out when Drake is being a dick again.

But this one did have some decent plotting that seemed a bit above what the show usually does, so I did appreciate that.

But this is also still a show for kids, and it shows.