April 21, 2024

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Gotham “Pena Dura”

Season Five, Episode Five.

So, Bruce is convinced Selina is not being herself, and she says she is, but that’s like the sort of conversation those two have every three or four episodes anyway, so I have nothing else to add there.

But at least now I know who attacked the refuge.  You know, beyond the Riddler.

No, of course the Riddler didn’t blow up that building.  He’s not a murderer!  Except all those times when he murders people.  Heck, he murdered an old lady in the previous episode!

To the show’s credit, every time someone says he isn’t a murderer, they do add the caveats that, well, yeah, he’s a murderer, but he’s not a mass murderer.  It’s always done for personal reasons.  What does he have against all those strangers in the refuge?  And let’s face it:  mind control is totally a thing on this show.

So, who is responsible for all this? Mad Hatter?  Poison Ivy?  Jimmy Impossible?

Nah!  It’s time for…a new bad guy!

See, Gordon and Bullock were looking to arrest the guy who sold Nygma the rocket launcher.  Oh, they don’t know who this guy watching the old movie sold it to just yet.  They just know…wait, watching an old movie?  Film Freak!

He sure didn’t last long.  There’s an explosion of glass from a skylight and…wait, that’s not Batman!  It’s the military!  Some guy named Eduardo Durrance is their leader, Gordon knows him, and he’s there to help.

Well, good.  Finally, someone came in to help in this crazy city.  Sure, Durrance seems to question why anyone would choose the military over Gotham City and…he’s not wrong.  He’s been in the city all of ten minutes and steps into a Riddler boobie trap.

See, Ed is getting his memory back because Gordon put a call out to bring him in, and he’s caught by a middle-aged woman and her two goofy adult children who decide to kill him with a homemade electric chair because the woman lost her dog in the refuge.  Who cares about the people?  She lost her dog!

In fairness, it was a very cute dog.

But the jolts revived his memory, and a trip to the Penguin’s house gets Ed the info he needs to find Hugo Strange.  Oddly enough, Oswold is the one guy in Gotham who doesn’t want Ed captured or dead.  Well, Hugo Strange might not either, but he put a mind control chip into Ed’s brain when he was saving Ed’s life.

Does Lee have one too?  Asking for a non-existent friend, and we haven’t seen her again yet.

Oh, well, it sure does seem like Ed isn’t responsible, and Gordon and Durrance were there to get Strange’s confession.  So, who was controlling Ed?

Dorrance was.

Um, what?

Jim should never trust old friends who show up suddenly.

Then again, Dorrance just sent the Riddler to kill Gordon, and I would think Gordon can take that nerd, so he’s probably on the Barbara Kean-level when it comes to being a criminal mastermind.