September 28, 2023

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K9 “Oroborus”

People are losing time all over town...except for Starkey.

Well, I don’t exactly expect top notch special effects from anything Doctor Who-related, but I was curious as to which looked worse:  the physical prop that a character carries in at one point or the CGI alien.

Wait, I’m not even halfway done this one-season wonder?

Wait, did I say “wonder”?

So, there’s a problem where people are losing time and not really noticing.  Excerpt for Starkey.  He keeps having to remind Darius that he already paid Darius back for some stuff where K9 seems to be the only one who remembers Starkey already paid for the stuff.

Oh, and even K9 says he’s lost a few seconds here and there.

Starkey is immune because he got a vaccine.  Honestly, I missed that explanation.  Something about how his parents that he didn’t know might have been some sort of scientists that the Professor may or may not know.  There isn’t much to this show, and I am basically only covering it as an obligation to completing the run of all things with the Doctor.  And, again, to avoid having to rush through the next Doctor’s time.

Anyway, the general idea is it looks like the Professor’s machine is acting up again, and Starkey might have been fiddling with it after it went nuts in a way that made it go nuts in the past.

That makes sense in my head.  Mostly.

And of course, no one believes Starkey right away except for K9 because they don’t notice how much time seems to be screwed up inside the house.  That is until Jorjie shows up to point out the problem is happening all over the city, Starkey and K9 find some shed snake scales from a very large snake that looks like it was made of rubber (see above).

Points for Jorjie’s evidence where it’s a newscast that is obviously repeating itself, featuring a very proud civil servant saying that the train schedule is working just fine even if some trains are arriving before they depart.  By this show’s standards, that’s almost clever.

Anyway, there’s a giant alien snake called an Oroborous and…wait, how does the Professor have books on different kinds of aliens?

Regardless, it’s a time snake.  It eats time.  And since Starkey, and only Starkey, is immune to the time eating, he’s bait to lure the thing back into the Professor’s time vortex.  And it’s a bad CGI snake (see above again) that might just eat him.

But this is a kid’s show, so everything works out fine and everything is fixed.

So, yeah.