July 13, 2024

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K9 “Curse Of Anubis”

K9, struggling to remember the Anubians, becomes a very bad dog.

Did I say the bad guy in the previous episode looked like something out of Power Rangers?  Well, the monsters of the week this time are much the same, but they also borrowed a bit from Stargate this time around.

A really bad CGI pyramid is headed to Earth, and before Inspector Drake can blow them out of the sky, they go invisible, except I can still see them.  The ship soon descends on Starkey, Jorjie, and K9 because, well, they say K9 saved their planet once upon a time.  K9 doesn’t quite remember that, but they have a book illustrating it and everything.

Fortunately, there are only two Anubians.  See, of course they’re sinister.  If they aren’t, there’s no episode.  Their book is done up in hieroglyphics, and Darius finds K9’s original look rather funny, so he gets tossed out.  K9, see, he’s letting all these aliens practically worshiping him go to his head, so he doesn’t notice when the Anubians redecorate the Professor’s house in some kind of faux-Egyptian style.  He doesn’t notice when the Professor gets mind-whammied into being some kind of attendant.  He doesn’t notice when it happens to Starkey and Jorjie either.

See, the two kids did swipe the Anubians’ book and learned that, after K9 liberated their planet, they went around enslaving other races with these weird headbands.  That’s enough for them to be targeted next, and Jorjie spends most of the rest of the episode serving grapes.  Her mother is next as is most of the rest of the planet.  Now, if only K9 would notice something…

He does when Darius comes back.  He manages to knock an Anubian out, swipe his special Ankh, and steal their spaceship.

See, it was a good thing there was only two of them because by then they’d smacked headbands on a whole lot of people around the world.  They must have missed that one guy who got his hands on their ship’s car keys.

Anyway, an embarrassed K9 snapped out of it, and some quick zapping saved everybody, though oddly enough he only really noticed something was going wrong when the Anubians slapped a headband on June.  No, not the Professor on a lute or Jorjie handing out grapes.  It was June he noticed, and she just stood there.

Then again, this episode ended with those robotic cops just arresting the Anubians and taking them away, so maybe I shouldn’t think too hard about this sort of stuff.