September 28, 2023

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K9 “Dream-Eaters”

An alien entity puts the entire city to sleep to feed on nightmares.

OK, so, episodes like this remind me this really is supposed to be a kids show.  It’s a lot more ridiculous than any Doctor Who related media that I have seen thus far, but I will give it credit for one moment that even I will admit was kinda clever.

OK, so, apparently all the human characters on the show are sleeping.  For, like, 15 hours.  K9 wakes Starkey up from a bad dream, then they do the same for the others, including Jorjie who was still at home.  Her mother was out of town at a conference or something.  It turns out the entire city is asleep, and everyone was having a nightmare.

Darius’s was about clowns.  They scare him.

OK, so, the Professor, K9, and the three teens figure out a few things.  For one, the alien responsible is a psychic alien intelligence called the Bodach.  It has no physical form.  It feeds off psychic energy, and human thought in the form of nightmares can do the job just fine.  So, what makes this particularly silly?

  • The Bodach, when it appeared, looked to me like a Power Rangers villain.
  • The army of sleepwalking zombie types that, apparently, were done up to look like every ridiculous type of sleeper possible, and due to the show’s budget, that means there were at most a dozen but only four that invaded Gryffen Manor.
  • The way to stay awake is to literally wear tin foil on the head.  That’s hats for Starkey and the Professor, and strips wrapped around her hair for Jorjie.  Darius refused to do it and fell under the Bodach’s spell again.
  • The Bodach’s physical form was actually June.
  • The way to snap her out of it was for Jorjie to step into her mother’s dreams and find out what her nightmare was.  Apparently, it was Jorjie’s having a tattoo.  At 14.  With Darius’s name in a heart.
  • The Professor served tea to the sleepers who woke up in his house, and all four just silently raised their hands when Darius asked who needed a ride.
  • Oh, and the way to defeat the Bodach was to blow up some jeweled eyes from a giant totem like it was Legends of the Hidden Temple or some such.

Like I said, this was a very silly episode.

But it gets points for one moment that was rather clever.  K9 does figure out how to follow the Professor into his dream, and as K9 sleeps, he too dreams…of an electric sheep.

Yeah, that was clever.  I wasn’t expecting a Philip K Dick reference.

Still a very silly episode.