June 22, 2024

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K9 “Jaws of Orthrus”

K9 appears to have attacked Inspector Drake in public!

OK, admittedly, I don’t always pay as much attention to this generally mediocre show as much as maybe I should if I am going to write these episodes up, but I have no idea what the title of this episode refers to.

See, there’s some big protest against the government plan to put chips into everybody, a subplot that does not get advanced any further than that in the episode’s first few minutes, but just as June is saying it’s no big deal and Inspector Drake steps forward to send those generally useless robot cops to arrest everybody, K9 flies in and shoots Drake.  The blast doesn’t kill him, but it sure is out of character for K9.

Especially since he’s back at the manor acting as an alarm clock for Starkey.  Sure, his memory said he went for a walk, but it doesn’t show an attack.  Drake is sure to get a warrant, probably to take K9 apart and maybe see how he works.  Or trash.  Or both.  Who knows?

So, I had said in the previous write-up that Darius is something of a blank slate in that I know he works for the Professor and that’s about it.  So, naturally, I was pleased to see this particular episode fleshed him out a little bit.  OK, it didn’t flesh him out much, and “pleased” is a relative term.  Basically, Drake suggests that Starkey will of course protect K9, but Darius would see that K9 is a bit on the shifty side.  And while K9 will probably turn himself in, Starkey won’t let that happen, so will Darius help the authorities out?

Um, no.  Not in the end.  Not really.  He and the others argue about it, but in the end, he doesn’t betray anyone.

Though the idea that those robocops would somehow be intimidated when Starkey proclaims they’d have to go through him to get to K9 is rather laughable.

Oh, and it turns out Drake had an inferior K9 lookalike to try and frame the real thing, and K9 took it out rather easily when the two encountered each other.

So, that all happened.