September 29, 2022

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The Umbrella Academy “Pocket Full Of Lightning”

Season Three, Episode Three

OK, I thought Luther was adorable as a hostage.  But Luther in love?  He’s even more adorable.

The best part about Luther’s whole “being in love” thing is that even though he does observe people disappearing off the street and tries to report it to his siblings, he still is essentially big goofball Luther.  However, he then finds out not only did they not notice he was gone right away (and they are very quick to note that he has a Sparrows gift bag and figure he has Stockholm Syndrome…c’mon, he wasn’t gone that long), but he also seems rather amazed at how much he missed, mostly regarding Viktor.  He spends the episode trying to make a mix tape for Sloane, wondering if the others should throw a party for Viktor (he’s touched when Diego asks if he even wants one), and that’s Luther all over.  He’s in love, and it’s a rather cute thing.

It’s much cuter than, say, everything else that’s going on.  Five and Lila get into a fight after she steps out of the bath, and there’s some really good editing going on to hide her nudity, but the two decide to work together eventually.

Klaus, meanwhile, swims through a sewer to infiltrate the Sparrow Academy and ends up bonding with his father because it turns out the Sparrows keep him drugged and make him sign things.  Also, Sir Reggie claims he didn’t kill any of the mothers.

Just out of curiosity, are all the Sparrows who aren’t Sloane jerks?  Ben is.  Fei is.  Alphonso is.  Jayme is.  I guess the cube is.  So, yes.

Then again, Alison is getting…bad.  She’s making deals to turn over Marcus to the Sparrows in exchange for Five’s time travel briefcase (Lila already stole it).  I expect the Sparrows to make shifty deals.  That seems like them all over.  But Alison’s promising to return Marcus when they don’t even have him seems like a bad idea.  I know because Viktor said so, and Viktor is becoming the most sensible Umbrella sibling right in front of me.  Who else would I go with?  Drug-addled Klaus?  Love sick Luther?  Negligent father Diego?  I suppose Five is an option, but he’s time traveling again…sort of.

Naturally, with both sides plotting against each other and with five Umbrellas against seven Sparrows and Luther’s being too dense to realize Sloane is warning him to make a run for it, it doesn’t go well when that Cube guy zaps all the Umbrellas with bad energy.

You know, until an old man steps forward and zaps the Sparrows, vaporizing Alphonso and Jayme and sending the rest scrambling.  That would be Harlan, the kid Viktor saved years earlier, but he’s not a kid and his name is apparently Lester now.

See?  Viktor is the best of the bunch.  He saved the family from a threat that didn’t exist without even trying that hard.

At least someone realized a robot worshiping a God of any kind is a bad thing, and the grandfather paradox is going to be a real problem.

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