May 27, 2024

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Stranger Things “Chapter Five: The Nina Project”

Season Four, Episode Five.

Well, after the multiple action sequences that made the previous episode so…well, let’s say epic, how about this episode kinda slow things down by going all creepy?

Because there’s something about the Vecna that’s on my mind.

See, the Vecna…he may be the most human thing in the Upside Down.  Unlike, say, the Demogoblins or the Mindflayer, he actually has a face, and he can talk without taking over someone else’s body.  He’s connected to the weird plant life in that world.  He can interact with the people of the, for lack of a better term, real world in ways that others can’t.  He’s just, you know, more human than most things.

He’s also a giant dick, but there are a lot of those.

Like, Dr. Brenner is back.  Was he dead before?  Apparently not, but he’s there because Dr. Owens needed help getting Eleven’s powers turned back on, and he seems to be the only real option.  Look, realistically, no one knows El’s abilities better than Brenner.  But he’s also like the last person who should be put anywhere near El because he’s largely responsible for why she turned out the way she did.  It’s a mixed bag, and I say I would have liked to think Owens would know better, but there’s Brenner.

Oh, and of course the tests to revive her powers takes place in an abandoned nuclear silo.

Creepy stuff with El aside, the episode’s highlight was easily Dustin, Lucas, Nancy, Robin, Max, and Steve checking out Stately Vecna Manor.  It’s a place where lights flicker on and off despite the fact there’s no electricity.  And this time, everyone can see the grandfather clock.  Of course, the issue seems to be the Vecna is doing things in its version of the house over in the Upside Down.

This house may be the rare instance where I am not sure if the Upside Down or the Rightside Up has the nicer version of the local real estate.

Say, if the Upside Down has the same buildings as the regular world but no people, who builds them?

Still, as an episode to slow things up just a little, this was a good step forward.  Will may be on the verge of admitting love to Mike.  The agent his group rescued died, but he left behind a phone number to Nina, and Nina responds in computer code, so that means a side trip to Salt Lake City to get hacker help from Dustin’s girlfriend.

Raise your hand if you would love a spin-off where Dustin and his girlfriend solve mysteries together, possibly with Steve as their driver.  I know I would.

Oh, and the Vecna killed someone else from the basketball team, this time while Jason and Eddie watched, so maybe Jason will…nah, he probably believes there were more drugs involved.  80s bullies don’t tend to follow steps rationally.