July 23, 2024

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K9 “Sirens Of Ceres”

Jorjie goes to a new private school where there are some strange students that lots of people want to please.

Wait…was this episode…good?

Alright, let’s not get me too ahead of myself.  This episode is an improvement, but it’s hardly a masterpiece or anything.  The problem with this show is none of these characters are particularly interesting.  K9 is frequently broken or out of charge, and the other characters are rather rote.

So, when Jorjie gets herself and Starkey arrested and K9 damaged, she has to go to a new private school.  That nasty Inspector Drake got some fancy rock that he tried to have his robocops use on K9 in a massive gun, but the thing exploded and took out the cop while only temporarily knocking K9 for a loop.

Funny thing, there are girls at Jorjie’s new school, all wearing these bracelets with suspicious green rocks, that are…well, these are like Stepford students, all moving in unison, impeccably dressed, and always giving right answers to the teacher on the TV screen because apparently you can’t have teachers in the same room anymore.

The future is weird.

Anyway, Starkey does break into the school at one point, only to fall hard for one of the Stepfords, a friend of Jorjie’s whose behavior changed literally overnight.  Given the episode’s title, I suspected he was under a spell of some kind caused by those rocks.

I was close!  The girls were, but they all had to willingly take a bracelet.  Jorjie apparently succumbed to peer pressure despite not caring much of anything for these girls.  By then, K9 remembered what those rocks did and how they were used to enslave people on a planet that was so engrossed by masters and slaves that they failed to notice the comet that destroyed them.  Since K9 knows about it now, he can zap the rocks, save Jorjie and then the other girls except the head girl.

Because she was a robot.

Controlled by that nasty Inspector Drake.

The episode ends with Jorjie maybe helping Stakey write some love poetry.  So, was this one good?  Eh, it’s a step in the right direction.