September 28, 2022

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Weekend Trek “In Purgatory’s Shadow”

Worf and Garek follow a Cardassian comm signal into the Gamma Quadrant.

Got another two-parter’s first installment here, and it’s a doozy.  Not only does it pair off another great odd couple–Garek and Worf–but it has some revelations that weren’t even hinted at, giving the Dominion’s ability to infiltrate should provide some new levels of paranoia…if the people at the station can figure it out.

It starts with a signal from the Gamma Quadrant, a Cardassian code that no one on the station or in Bajoran intelligence can quite figure out.  However, Garek can because, you know, he was a spy who never really admits to having been a spy.  He does recognize the code.  It came from his old mentor Enabran Tain, it’s asking for help, and Garek is really keen to go.  Sisko won’t let him go alone.  And no, Bashir can’t go.  Instead, Worf will.

That leads to some interesting conversations with those left behind.  Dax isn’t happy, but she’s more unhappy that Worf is leaving under the assumption he might not come back.  Garek, he’s got to try and get Ziyal to step away from him.

Yeah, Ziyal is smitten with Garek, and that’s not something anyone thinks is a good idea.  Garek says so.  Kira, when asked, isn’t happy about it.  And Gul Dukat, back on the station, really isn’t happy that seeing as how Garek is the one person Dukat hates above all others.  However, Garek goes, annoys Worf (he really doesn’t like Earl Gray’s tea fresh from the replicator), and he talks Worf into sneaking into a nebula to try and find some more information about the source of the signal.  The signal is coming from deep in Dominion territory, and a single runabout probably won’t match up well against the Jem’Hadar.

Of course, that nebula is where a whole lot of Jem’Hadar warships were hiding out, and the pair are quickly captured and taken to a prison planet.  That’s where Tain is, and he did send the signal.  However, there are other people there that the pair recognize.  See, the Jem’Hadar take a lot of their captives here, people that the Changelings have since gone on to replace.  So yeah, there’s the Klingon General Martok, forced to fight Jem’Hadar all day, but not what he used to be given his age and how long he’s been held captive.  And then…there’s Dr. Bashir.

Apparently, the Dominion caught him at a conference and sent an impostor back to the station a month earlier.


Since Sisko got word that Worf and Garek were captured, he started to set up a plan to collapse the wormhole.  Dax doesn’t care for that since it will cut Worf off from the Alpha Quadrant.  Kira doesn’t like it since it sounds like it would cut Bajor off from the Prophets, but Sisko is pretty sure the Prophets will find other ways to keep in touch.  But yeah, with a Changeling spy in the form of a member of the command crew on the station, that won’t work.

However, Garek gets what he wants:  the dying Tain acknowledges Garek as his son.  With that knowledge, Garek can get to work.  He’s a sneak.  He’ll find a way to escape now.

But that may be too late since Dominion ships starts streaming out of the wormhole.

That’s not a lot of plot, true.  The big surprise here is Bashir is not Bashir on the station.  However, it is part one, so how part two plays out will be the way to see what repercussions something like this will have.  I mean, this is only about the halfway point of season five.  Bigger stuff is still to come, I am sure, but the Dominion finally invading the Alpha Quadrant…things don’t get much bigger than that.

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