March 2, 2024

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The Boys “Payback”

Season Three, Episode One.

Alright, I am back with The Boys.  You know, right now my week of TV is basically Stranger ThingsThe Umbrella AcademyGothamBetter Call Saul, and The Boys with the weakest of the batch being Gotham.  That’s a lot of fun for me, and I usually like the stuff I cover.

Usually.  Will I still dig The Boys?

So far…oh yeah.  It’s a year later, Hughie works for Congresswoman Neuman at the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs and…wait, how is a sitting Congresswoman running an agency in the Executive branch?

You know what?  Never mind.  That’s my only real nitpick at this point.

Instead, the show basically reminds the viewer exactly why people watch it.  Hughie is basically the go-between for Neuman to Butcher, Kimiko, and Frenchie as they do field missions to keep various Supes under control.  Small problem:  Butcher tends to get a little too violent, but when I see “nudity” as a possibility for an episode of television, habit basically gets me thinking it won’t be full frontal male stuff.  And it really isn’t because I am expecting to see a shrinking superhero (the Termite?) perform a sex act where he walks into his normal lover’s penis.  And it really really isn’t because I expect the guy to sneeze and accidentally make said boyfriend’s lower half explode thanks to an accidental return to his human size.

Oh, and Frenchie walked in in that, leading to a battle between himself, Kimiko, a nearly invisible tiny naked man, and eventually, Butcher knocking the guy into a pile of cocaine and more or less ending the fight that way.

Yeah, that sounds like this show.

Meanwhile, Homerlander is on damage control where even the Deep is getting booked ahead of him on talk shows.  Apparently “dating a Nazi” causes image problems even if he is sort of still seeing her.  Sure, she’s only got one arm and it an otherwise barbecued husk of her former self, but Stormfront apparently still gives good handjobs.

Making Starlight the co-leader of the Seven, a position that is ultimately meaningless to anyone that isn’t obsessed with the public doesn’t help.

But then there are whispers about…Payback and their lost leader Soldier Boy.  There was something there involving a gun that kills supes, and Maeve thinks Butcher can find it because they both want Homerlander dead.

And in a final scene, just when I thought Neuman’s ability to make heads explode might be a secret for a while, Hughie spots her in action while hiding in a dark alleyway.  She can make all kinds of things explode too, but heads is just a lot more…final.

So, basically, the crazy is back, Butcher is being a dick to everybody, Hughie has issues with what should be a perfect relationship with Starlight, Mother’s Milk is on his own, and everyone might go looking for what happened to Soldier Boy.

I’m very pleased by all this.  It’s nasty and funny while still being basically The Boys, and I didn’t even mention that Voiught has a temporary version of Compound V out now.