December 7, 2023

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K9 “The Bounty Hunter”

A bounty hunter from the future is hunting for K9!

OK, can the professor shut that machine down or something?  It just keeps popping out bad things.

Also, K9 might be a murderer.

Wait, this show seriously expects me to believe K9 killed anybody?  Part of the show’s central premise is his memory is a bit frazzled, probably because they didn’t have the rights to mention any of the stuff K9 did before he got to this show, and he has a flash of maybe killing some space emperor.

Enter Ahab, the Bounty Hunter!

Well, K9 killing anyone would be bad.  Incredibly unlikely, but bad.  Especially since he’s mostly helpful and does stuff to save lives.  Why would K9 want to kill anyone?

And why do these kids keep taking him down into different tunnels?  That’s the brilliant plan Starkley, Jorjie, and Darius come up with.  Hide K9 in the sewers.  Kind of a clean-looking sewer, but still a sewer.

This episode tries so freakin’ hard to make the viewer think K9 is a killer.  Even he thinks he did it at one point and opts to turn himself in.  Besides the simple fact that making the lead character, a cute robot dog, a murderer on a kids show seems…really unlikely, this isn’t a new character.  Nothing the character has done up to this point suggests he is a killer.  And none of the humans on the show (except maybe Darius and definitely new recurring bad guy Drake) seem to think he’s a killer.

And he isn’t.  His memory clears up.  K9 isn’t a killer.  He was the witness.  Ahab and a Jixen did it.  And then Jorjie tosses a hot drink onto the energy leash around K9’s neck, a leash set at absolute zero, and knocks Ahab into the time vortex, but there’s no planet there when he arrives, so he’s lost in space, and not the cool kind with Dr. Smith.

Well, that was..wait, Jorjie’s mother just recruited the show’s cast to work with the cops as a K9 unit.

You mean to say it took this series four episodes just to establish the basic premise?

Can’t say I am all that surprised right now.