March 2, 2024

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Gotham “Penguin, Our Hero”

Season Five, Episode Three.

Was that…was that the Mutant gang from The Dark Knight Returns?

Sure looked like them.

So, is the Penguin an idiot?

See, he’s got control of a district.  He fended off a gang attack by some hooligans from a rival gang that think he killed a bunch of them, but that doesn’t seem like something he would do.  He would have either wiped out the entire gang or not signed his name to it.  Even the surviving members of the gang, the ones he didn’t kill when they attacked him, seem to agree with that, but I expect random mooks on Gotham to be idiots.  It’s like wondering why Jeremiah is picking up followers who engage in regular murder sessions before going to work.  I didn’t get why anyone would follow Jerome, but it makes even less sense why anyone would follow Jeremiah.  He’s kinda boring by comparison.

But that’s the Bruce/Selina plot, where Selina’s new cat-power thing is making her maybe a little less reliable.  Beyond the fact that Ecco is clearly some sort of Harley Quinn prototype, and a much more annoying one at that, I don’t have too much to say there.  Jeremiah bad.  He’s not in this episode.  Yadda yadda yadda, I miss Jerome.

No, the Penguin decides to go take the fight to Gordon’s new refuge because he’s had too many people defecting to the zone that actually treats people well, has food and shelter, and isn’t run by a crime lord.  What a concept.  Even the Penguin’s English bulldog goes to the GCPD zone.

So, why did the Penguin not consider that making people work until they dropped or gave them sufficient food might not make people want to hang around?  He even lost Arthur Penn, the accountant!

Well, the dog might be more shocking.

So, that was dumb.  What else does he do that’s dumb?  Oh, that’s simple.  He teams up with some of the smaller gangs to take down the GCPD, reasoning the cops are almost out of bullets.  He’s not wrong.  The mistake was assuming these gangs would stay loyal once they got to Gordon’s zone.  The only hope Gordon has is Bullock can successfully get help from Barbara.

My God, he really was doomed.

Wait, no.  There are still another nine or so episodes of this left, and Gordon is the lead character for some reason.  What will happen is what always happens:  Gordon and Penguin will team up even though the episode opened with Penguin having a contract out on Gordon’s head.  Both men working together beat the gangs, Barbara only shows up late because Harvey didn’t lead with “Penguin’s there,” and everything is…in limbo or something.  Barbara can kill Penguin once he leaves the zone, but that might be put on hold because someone just bombed the hell out of the refuge buildings.

How is anyone still alive in this city?