February 21, 2024

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The Umbrella Academy “World’s Biggest Ball Of Twine”

Season Three, Episode Two

So, as I expected, Alison learned the hard way that her daughter does not seem to exist in this new timeline.

Worth noting that was the only prediction I could have made about this episode.

I think it helps that, ultimately, The Umbrella Academy is a fairly, well, I won’t say “happy” show, but not a depressed one.  Even when the characters are at their lowest, there’s a certain joy at the center of it all.  That mostly comes from just how weird this show’s setting is but at the same time how much the characters just accept things as normal.  That is when they even notice weird stuff, like how Five seems to be the only one who notices animals and people are disappearing in various weird pulses.

That may be best exemplified by Luther as he spends most of the episode being held captive by the Sparrows.  Their leader Marcus disappeared.  He was spotted with Vanya (more of that character in a bit), so naturally they assume the Umbrellas took Marcus and capture Luther as he out jogging in the park.  Sure, Luther is initially wary, but the Sparrows invite him to breakfast and seem to be treating him well.  He takes all that at face value.  Luther, when the series started, tried being the Umbrella Academy’s leader, a job he took very seriously.  Here, he’s realized that he can finally relax a bit and enjoy life, a philosophy shared by Klaus and Five from the looks of things.  Allison is deeply depressed.  Diego can’t let go of the fact that he doesn’t really live in the Academy house anymore, plus he seems to have a son now.  But Luther, no, he opens up, tells the Sparrows he doesn’t know anything, doesn’t take offense when they question his leadership if he doesn’t know, and even when they threaten to have Fei’s psychic ravens peck out his eyes, he still spends a pleasant day hanging out with Sloane, the one friendly Sparrow.

She seems to be the only person Luther has even met that is impressed he has been to the moon.

But really, Luther mostly spends the day being polite to the Sparrows, friendly to Sloane, and then he and Sloane do the nasty as the closing credits start.

Granted, he’s got a better idea that the Sparrows are not that friendly, but he seemed to be enjoying himself that day.

And while much of this episode can be made of what Luther’s brothers were up to…well, most of them..there isn’t much I feel like mentioning there.  Klaus and Five go on a road trip to find Klaus’s mother, and I will admit to loving Five’s new wardrobe where he’s dressed like an older retired man after finally ditching the prep school uniform.  They learn his mother died just before he was born, as did the other Umbrella Academy mothers.  Diego and son get into a fight with two Sparrows, blobby Alphonso and hallucinogenic-spitting Jayme, at a department store and may have won the fight.  Alphonso did lose his chin, but he said that tends to happen.

But no, the other big thing for me was Vanya becoming Viktor.  Realizing his love interest from season two is dead, Viktor decides to be true to himself, starting with a haircut.  His brothers (aside from Luther since no one notices he’s missing right away) essentially shrug when told and accept him as Viktor.  It’s a bit low key.  Allison, on the other hand, has a nice, long chat with Viktor, a moment of bonding that has me convinced that no matter how the Umbrellas pair off on this show, Allison and Viktor probably have the best-developed relationship of the bunch.  It’s probably because Allison was the only one to have any kind of relationship with Viktor while growing up even if their rotten adoptive father convinced Allison to mindwhammy Viktor into believing he had no powers.  They just play off each other the best, and I get the impression Allison is the one who gets along with pretty much all of the others better than the rest.

So yeah, having those two pair off when Vanya became Viktor and talk it over made sense and it was great stuff, more dramatic than the sillier stuff involving Luther or Klaus meeting the Amish that were sort of his real family, but it’s that sort of thing that shows what The Umbrella Academy can do so very well.