December 1, 2022

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K9 “Regeneration”

The Doctor's robotic dog got his own show.

Honestly, I wasn’t really looking forward to this.  A one season Australian kids show that is only barely connected to Doctor Who?  It’s times like this where I question my completionist attitudes.

Well, maybe it won’t be too bad.

Or maybe it will be.  This first episode, a 26 minutes bit of something, is maybe only part one of a two part pilot or something.  It ends a bit abruptly.  But here’s what happens.

It’s London in the year 2050, and a rebel going by “Starkley” is going around and hacking simplistic messages to think more into public system.  A girl named Jorjie finds him and wants to help, but he’s not interested.  The pair are confronted by robotic cops, make a run for it, and end up at the house of the agoraphobic Professor Gryffen’s house where he’s trying to recreate the Kingpin’s plot from Into the Spider-verse.  But Starkley trips over a powercord and instead zaps in two alien ninja turtles that spray him down with something.  But it also brings in K9, who fights the aliens off to let the humans escape.  K9 uses his self-destruct to try and end things, but one of the alien Jixen gets away.

Oh, and then K9 regenerates.

Apparently, he can do it too.  Now he’s smaller and can fly.  He also has memory problems so there’s no need to worry that he’ll talk about the Doctor or anything along those lines I suppose.  The Jixen’s spray makes Starkley as an enemy to the Jixen that needs to be destroyed until the stuff wears off in around 800 years, and the Professor’s experimentation with space-time was meant to be for the government, plus he has an errand boy named Darius who is more than happy to hit on Jorjie and maybe report Starkley to the cops.

The episode ends with the three teenagers having a laugh at K9’s general expense as the dog explains he’s not a dog.

But there’s still a Jixen out there, and Starkley might have to go to jail or something for his general activities in a faintly dystopian London.

Was this any good?  Not really, but it wasn’t terrible.  At least they still got John Leeson to voice K9.  But when this show is over…well, I may finally have to go back to the Doctor and see what Jodie Whittaker can do.  It’s hopefilly a lot better than this.

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