June 12, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: X-Men #9 (March, 2020)

The X-Men have to take on the Brood. Like, all of them.

So, for #8 of this series, I was excited that there was something like an ongoing storyline finally appearing in Hickman’s X-Men run after so many issues of stories that were set-up but not concluded.

I think it may have been just a two-parter.

Issue:  X-Men #9, March 2020

Writer:  Jonathan Hickman

Artist:  Leinil Francis Yu

The Plot:  The Summers family moves to do something with that King Brood egg.

Commentary:  Well, that was quick.  Oh, it’s not a bad issue or anything, but it was a quick conclusion to the story.  Essentially, Cyclops, Jean, Havoc, and Vulcan take the King Egg out into space with mutant alien Broo, the one member of the Brood race that isn’t either a viscous monster or connected to the Brood hivemind.  There’s a Kree Accuser holding the Starjammers hostage in a way that makes me wonder if this was a crossover with the New Mutants series and I just missed an issue, and Gladiator and his son are there to lend something of a hand.

But the more interesting work has to do with why there’s a King Egg to begin with.  Apparently, thousands of years earlier, the Kree discovered the Brood and realized they could weaponize the damn things if they had a way to control them and came up with the King Egg, something that would until it is activated make all the Brood Queens crazy and converge on that egg because they value their independence and would fight like hell to keep that King Egg from taking it away.

That’s actually kinda cool.

But from there, it’s basically all the X-Men and their allies fighting the Brood until someone can do something about the egg.  Given these are the Summers brothers, and Vulcan by himself could probably vaporize half a planet without trying all that hard, I would think it wouldn’t be that quick, but then again, Hickman’s run with the Fantastic Four showed Johnny Storm burning himself out holding off the forces of Annihilus, so he might like that concept.

But then the egg is dealt with in what was something of an anticlimactic way, and the story ended.  No, I won’t say how.

Well, at least Gladiator got to pop that Accuser one to make Gladiator Jr. happy.

Grade:  B-