June 12, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Tyrant Of France”

The First Doctor. "The Reign of Terror," Episode Four.

Oh hey, an animated episode.  A really, really poorly animated episode.

Yeah, this animation kinda sucks.

So, it looked like the group was starting to come back together.  The Doctor was in Paris, disguised as a government official, and he did find the prison, but the companions weren’t there.  Barbara and Susan were holed up in a nice house nearby with some rebel types.  Ian managed to get there himself by dumb luck, and he has a message for an English spy.  Granted, Ian doesn’t know who this guy is, and he really isn’t involved, but he has a message all the same.

The Doctor, meanwhile, gets to talk to Robespierre, and that guy…you know I don’t know much about the real guy, but anyone who complains that there aren’t enough state-sponsored murder in the suburbs doesn’t seem to be a good choice to be running much of anything.  The Doctor seems to make some good points, but Robespierre wants to see him again in the morning, so the Doctor will need to spend the night in the prison.  Granted, he isn’t locked into a cell, but he can’t get out to find his friends and granddaughter.

Susan, meanwhile, got sick.  Was she sick in previous episodes?  I didn’t notice.  Barbara’s host Jules agrees to find a doctor, but it isn’t the Doctor, so he probably won’t be as effective.  I mean, the guy they find wants to use leeches.  Leeches!  That can’t fix Susan’s…whatever is wrong with her.

Susan is an alien.  Why does anything think a human doctor in the past can help her?

Never mind.  The doctor, but not the Doctor, is suspicious of the women and locks them in a room while he may be going for the cops or the authorities or whoever arrests people around here.  None of that helps Susan get better either.

As for Ian, he got caught by another of Jules’s guests, a man named Leon, in a trap because Leon just knows Ian can find the spy that Ian has never met.

Man, these people can’t stay out of trouble, and no one believes them in this time of terror.  It’s probably why they should have stayed in bed.