May 27, 2024

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Stranger Things “Chapter Three: The Monster And The Superhero”

Season Four, Episode Three.

Dr. Owens is back!  El faces consequences!  Mike flounders as a boyfriend!  And Max is in big trouble!

But really, bullies suck.

If anything, there’s a problem in that no one really knows who’s killing people in painful ways in and around Hawkins.  Dr. Owens has a suspicion.  Dustin and his group, now including Nancy, think it’s a Vecna because every beastie on Stranger Things behaves like a monster from a Dungeons and Dragons handbook.  However, the Hawkins High School basketball team thinks Eddie did it.  To be fair, it’s not like the police or the media said how Chrissy died.

But that’s no excuse for vigilante action as Chrissy’s boyfriend Jason is gathering up the team, handing out basic weapons, and goes off hunting.  Lucas goes along, and he’ll have a lot of splainin’ to do later.  He does try to help Dustin when Jason heads off to the Henderson house, but no one really wants to talk to him right now.

Plus, the Vecna may have found a new target.

Then again, as off-base as Jason and his Argh!-onauts are when it comes to catching a killer, that’s not as bad perhaps as the military that thinks El did it.  Dr. Owens says she didn’t do it.  Owens knows where she is and how she couldn’t have killed anyone that way, but then he gets El rescued from a trip to juvie with the promise of giving her her powers back.

Can I just go back and say I am still having a hard time feeling bad for Awful Angela?  I mean, El smashing that girl’s face with a roller skate should absolutely get her into legal trouble, and juvenile hall isn’t out of the question.  El is very new still at, well, everything.  She is far too used to responding to adversaries on all levels with violence, and as I have said before, Angela is very, very, very lucky El’s powers are out.

You know.  For now.  Like they’re gonna kill off El.  She’s probably the only hope to stop the Vecna.  That thing has some very specific targets.

See, Max used some smart thinking to swipe her guidance counselor’s keys to scan the files for both of the Vecna’s victims.

Try saying “Vecna’s victims” five times fast.

But see, Chrissy and Fred had some common symptoms before they died.  Stuff like headaches, nightmares, nosebleeds and the like.  Oh, and Max is having those too.

See, that’s bad.

Not as bad as the fact Joyce doesn’t seem to realize Jonathan is clearly stoned, but that’s almost sweet of her to not see.  Besides, someone has to rescue Hopper from that Siberian gulag.  Who else are they going to send?  Jimmy Impossible?  He’s not old enough in 198whatever.

Final note for this episode:  the team of Dustin and Steve is always gold, but if the show wants to make a pair out of Robin and Nancy, I will not be complaining at all.

Huh, this is more disjointed than usual.  I’m gonna blame something from a D&D manual.  How about the Invisible Stalker?