July 21, 2024

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Gotham “Year Zero”

Season Five, Episode One.

Due to declining ratings, the Fox network only gave Gotham a half a season to wrap things up.  That means compressing the usual Gotham crazy into twelve episodes.

This could be a glorious mess, but it may depend on whether the operative word is “glorious” or “mess”.

If I go by the cold open, which shows Oswold, Gordon, Bullock, and the Riddler arming themselves to shoot over a wall at an invading army with all kinds of back-up, including what looks like tanks, I may have an answer.

So, that may be glorious.

The rest, well, I am leaning towards “mess”.

What’s going on?  Well, that cold open was a flashforward.  The rest shows that Selina and Alfred did not get out of town, and she’s paralyzed.  Barbara is…you know what?  It’s Barbara.  It won’t make sense that she’s somehow leading anything.  Firefly and Freeze aren’t seen, but they’re at war with each other.  Penguin is making ammunition.  Scarecrow is raiding other people’s territory for food and medicine.  And Gordon and the GCPD are taking in refugees.  There’s a Wayne Enterprises blockade run that gets shot down.  That leads to Penguin killing Tabitha.  That leads to Barbara declaring she wants Penguin dead.

Oh, and the Riddler keeps blacking out and waking up in weird places.

So…here’s a question:  why is this happening?

It makes no sense that No Man’s Land would happen to this Gotham.  The comic version of No Man’s Land was supposedly ten years after Batman first appeared.  The city had long since earned its reputation for crazy lunatics running around by then.  This Gotham has, what, maybe five people like that?  There’s no Batman (he’s still coming), and as weird as this city is, I don’t think it merited being completely cut off from, oh, everything.  Helicopter flights and a ferry could have very easily taken the place of the destroyed bridges.  I know the episode hints that there’s more to all this than meets the eye, that someone might be playing games behind the scenes, but the fact remains that this feels a little too drastic a step to take at this point in the city’s history.

But here I am, with people screaming vengeance, Bruce told he needs to take a suicidal Selina to a mysterious person known as “the witch,” and the show once again forgot that Barbara is not a criminal mastermind.

Maybe with Tabitha dead, it will become more apparent.

I suspect I will enjoy this weird show to the very end, but that’s because it works best when I don’t think about it.  Thinking about it causes headaches.