October 4, 2022

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Comic Review: Redneck Volume 5

The origin of vampires, revealed!

Alright, a new (for me) volume of the Texas vampire series Redneck!

And this one, well, I guess it provides answers to questions I didn’t really have.  Then again, it is subtitled Tall Tales.

Redneck‘s fifth volume is basically the origin of vampires, particularly the Bowman family.  Where did the first vampire Demus come from?  Who or what is Granddad Bowman?  What does “JV” stand for?

Yeah, this volume answers a lot of these questions as the last surviving one of JV’s sons, Greg, gets to meet Demus and Granddad again.  Granddad didn’t die fighting those cops way back when despite all that sunlight, fire, and ammunition.  Demus, well…he saw a flaming man that was probably the devil, drank something he shouldn’t have, and became the first vampire.  He wasn’t the last, but he had some ideas on the proper place for both humans and vampires, and other vampires, including JV, realized that was probably not going to work.  Now he’s coming back, and the whole calculus for the series has changed.  The vampire council that had been presented as the villains are now coming by hat-in-hand to get help from the Bowmans becaiuse it turns out JV is a lot more powerful than he appears to be.

Oh, and Dracula was a vampire too in this world.

Now, normally I dig me some Donny Cates, but this volume was something of a reset button and, to be honest, it didn’t seem to go anywhere.  Yeah, it is nice to get some backstory for the vampires of this world, but at the same time, it also seemed to drag this series to something of a halt.  The threat of Demus is big, the origin story works, and yet, I didn’t find this volume grabbing me the way other volumes have in the past.  I’m still all-in for this series due mostly to Cates’s writing–Lisandro Estherren’s artwork doesn’t do much for me–but something about this volume’s origin stories was a lot less effective for me.

Then again, it ends in a manner that is sure to bring the fireworks in volume six, whenever that ones comes out and I get to read it.

8 out of 10 vampire-killing handguns.

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