August 15, 2022

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YouTube Selection: The Best A24 Movies?

CineFix has another top ten list. This time, it's for A24 movies.

I have said many times that whenever CineFix comes out with a new movie list, it makes a selection for this weekly article rather easy.

This may be the first time they did one for a single studio.

To be fair, the studio in question is A24, and those guys have been behind some of the most innovative and often personal or even weird movies that have come out in the past decade or so since they haven’t been around that long.  One thing I noted as I watched the video below is they are responsible as either financier or distributor for far more movies than I realized, and that this time I may have actually seen most if not all of the movies the video cites.  That was kinda neat.  So, instead of getting a bunch of recommendations, I got a little reminder how much one company has been behind many of the movies I have seen and enjoyed over the past few years or so.  See below for the list and some other shout-outs.

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