September 28, 2022

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Vikings: Valhalla “The Last Daughter Of Upsalla”

Season One, Episode Six.

Well, after the invasion and conquest of England, it may be time to take a step back and do a little setting for whatever the big battle at the end of the season is…even if it is only two episodes away.

Meanwhile, the Eyeless Seer Dude is still hanging around.

So, what does a reset look like on this show?  It looks like Freydis returning to the healer’s house to find her friend dead, a lot of decapitated heads, and Christian Viking Jarl Kare there with the healer’s baby.  Was the healer’s head among the dead?  Probably, but Kare draws the line at babies apparently.  He also won’t kill Freydis because, well, she saw the Eyeless Seer Dude, and he wants to know how.  He does later.  More cryptic warnings.

But back at Kattegat, Freydis decides to become a shieldmaiden for Jarl Haakon, and that pretty much is her plotline for this episode as she succeeds and joins that merry crew.  Harald returns with Leif, and there is much rejoicing until Freydis realizes that she, Leif, and Liv are the only Greenlanders left.  Heck, Freydis and Harald hooked up again, and there was some nudity, something that the History Channel would have never done, and I saw more of Harald’s bare ass than anything, so hey, more equal representation considering I suspect a show like Vikings attracts more men than women.  And sure, men can enjoy a nice male butt, but it isn’t my experience something that shows aim at men show off all that much.

Regardless, that’s the, let’s say, Kattegat plotline.  But then there’s the rest, the Viking power plays between, let’s say, Cnut and everyone else.  And by “everyone else,” I mean Olaf and Cnut’s wife, one Queen Ælfgifu.

I had to cut and paste that name to get the right first letter.

See, Cnut stayed in England to consolidate his power, sparing most of the captured noblemen and even returning their land and titles if they swore allegiance to him, something that pleases Queen Emma.  Also probably what they were doing in the bedroom later was pleasing to Emma.

So, Olaf’s showing up at Ælfgifu’s throneroom to say her husband isn’t coming home…that probably isn’t a good thing, and Olaf has been presented as untrustworthy for quite some time.  It’s like the only good Christian Viking is Olaf’s brother Harald.  I mean, he gets some nookie with pagan Freysdis, and she doesn’t care much for a lot of Christians.  Olaf is also making secret moves against Harald since Harald is supposed to be king of Norway unless something comes up with Olaf, like the secret son Cnut knew about.  Point is, Olaf is kind of a bastard.

Not that Cnut ditching his wife for Emma is much better, but Harald is cool, Freydis is cool, and Leif is cool.  Olaf seems to be on the opposite side of these sorts of things, so he can’t be cool, no matter how nice his beard is.

I mean, he does have a nice beard, but that’s about the only good thing I can say about Olaf.

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