April 18, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Ice Warriors Part 4”

The Second Doctor. "The Ice Warriors," Episode Four.

Well, those Ice Warriors are going to regret making the Doctor come see them.

Though he seems to be fine so far.  He’s just going for a chat.

But first…poor Victoria!  Clent is grilling her for information about the Ice Warriors’ ship, but she’s a simple 19th century gal and doesn’t know those sorts of things.  Then she makes a run for it with one Warrior pursuing her.  Another Warrior wants to kill her for betraying them like she joined the Ice Warriors voluntarily and wasn’t some kind of prisoner, but fortunately the leader Warrior isn’t that hard core.  Meanwhile, the pursuing Warrior catches up and grabs her despite how slow those things in are in their bulky armor, but an avalanche buries both Victoria and the Warrior.  She survives but is half buried.  The Warrior is dead.  The guy who found her is one of those scavengers who believes the Ice Warriors can make good allies to the scavenger types despite his friend’s advice.  He does pull Victoria out, but he takes her right back to the Warriors who kill him and take her prisoner again.

No wonder she eventually decided she had had enough of that.

Jamie has it a bit better.  He survived an Ice Warrior attack because of his Plot Armor, and the scavengers took him to heal.  He can’t feel his legs, but the Doctor, when he arrives, is certain it’s temporary.  Probably caused by wearing those kilts in cold weather with the lower legs exposed at all times.

But the Doctor is coming.  He refused a guard and a gun, much to the show of Clent and his people, but he did take a vial of a chemical he figures will be dangerous to the Ice Warriors from the automatic chemical dispenser that makes chemicals on demand by entering chemical formulas using…a telephone dial?

That’s just screwy.

Regardless, the Doctor finds Jamie and sees he’s OK, then he heads off to negotiate with the Ice Warriors.  That involves ducking under their ray gun and literally knocking on the door to be let inside.

Too bad the Ice Warriors decide to cut off the air in there.