July 4, 2022

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Doctor Who “The Ice Warriors Part 3”

The Second Doctor. "The Ice Warriors," Episode Three

Well, looks like I got another animated episode as the Ice Warriors continue to…do things.

Looks, this is early Doctor Who.  The plot will move at a snail’s pace.  So, as the original Ice Warrior thaws out and revives his people, the next thing to do is dig their spaceship out.  Victoria would just like to be let go, but the Warriors think they can still use her.

It’s probably worth noting the Doctor spends a lot of time getting frustrated with that Garrett guy.  Garrett relies too much on the computer to do his thinking for him from the looks of things, and he’s the officious sort of guy who will drive people crazy and probably get killed by the end of the serial, and I won’t mind all that much.  Regardless, the Doctor doesn’t follow procedures, and he does figure things out while tossing random papers everywhere.  He also got the notes of a former researcher who left because of Garrett’s computer dependency.  That guy was one of the scavengers, and he’s been keeping an eye on the Ice Warriors while refusing to help Garrett directly.

So, the Doctor might have saved the experiment, but he hasn’t saved Victoria.  That’s Jamie’s job.  He and the scientist who found the first Warrior were sent out to find them and, you know, try to rescue VIctoria.  The Doctor does warn Jamie to be careful because, you know, one scientist isn’t really cut out to deal with a hostile alien race with superweapons.

Also, the Ice Warriors left Victoria out as bait.  That gets the scientist killed and Jamie stunned but otherwise OK.  Granted, Victoria doesn’t know that.  She thinks Jamie’s dead, but so far, the Ice Warriors are one for three on killing people because the scavengers get Jamie back to their spot and wait for him to wake up.

Victoria does seem to get a call out for help.  It might be time for the Doctor to take care of things himself.

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