February 27, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Ice Warriors Part 2”

The Second Doctor. "The Ice Warriors," Episode Two.

OK, here’s an animated episode to fill in for one otherwise lost for all time as far as anyone knows.

And yes, there are Ice Warriors from the planet Mars.

See, one of them woke up and decided to do some Ice Warrior-type stuff, and that means taking a hostage.  Jamie and Victoria are nearby.  Jamie tries to fight back (ineffectively) and Victoria starts screaming.  Naturally, the Warrior knocks out Jamie and takes Victoria.  This is a TV show from the 60s.  It wasn’t likely to be the other way around.  Meanwhile, Victoria proves once again how right she was that no stop the Doctor ever makes doesn’t lead to danger.

As it is, Jamie isn’t out long, and he can alert the other people in the compound who are tying to do…something.  The computer voice is hard to understand, and the computer was consulted by the man in charge because he can’t believe the Doctor is qualified to do anything, and these people don’t think for themselves.  Regardless, the Doctor can’t help with the rescue of Victoria just yet.  So, top man Garrett consults the computer to pick a guy, and when that guy says he’d like a guard, Jamie volunteers to help, and even though the computer said it wasn’t necessary, the Doctor talks them into it.

That’s beside the point, and not even getting into the two scavengers.  But what does an Ice Warrior want from Victoria?  She screams too much for good conversation.  Oh, wait, he’s interrogating her.  He came from outer space, namely the planet Mars.  The Doctor already figured out the guy was an alien before he got out of the ice.  Too much electronics in the helmet for a caveman.  What the Ice Warrior wants to know is where he is, how he woke up, and a few other things Victoria doesn’t really know.  Eventually, she says something about how the power unit warmed the ice, and the Doctor had already theorized that somehow jumpstarted the Ice Warrior’s body back to life.

So, really, he takes Victoria back to the compound and forces her to take him to the power unit.  The Ice Warrior has other goals, goals that involve swiping valuable equipment and knocking out Garrett too.  He’s kind of a dick, but it makes Victoria scream some more.

See, that Ice Warrior didn’t come alone.  He had a spaceship crashed nearby, and he was using the units to revive his crew, mostly so he can decide whether they should go home or conquer the Earth.

They probably should go home.  That problem the Doctor was trying to fix?  Oh, something wiped out all the plant life on Earth, and the compound is trying to fix that.  I would think the planet would be devoid of life after that, but what do I know?