February 27, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Ice Warriors Part 1”

The Second Doctor. "The Ice Warriors," Episode One.

OK, every time I think I have gotten my hands on the last available recreated Second Doctor serial, I find another one.

Point is, this one introduced the Ice Warriors.  Those guys always gave early Doctors trouble.

That said, I have no idea what’s going on at the beginning of this episode.  It looks like the future, one influenced by the original Star Trek judging by how the women are dressed.  There’s something wrong with the equipment, and while the people in the base or the outpost or whatever this place is are working on an evacuation, there are some guys out exploring the arctic cold outside who basically decide not to come in, and every so often, a couple of guys scavenging for stuff show up.

However, it is worth noting that those guys who are refusing to come in found something human-shaped in the ice.  It’s big, looks like it’s been there since the Ice Age, and one of those wags dubs it an “Ice Warrior,” thinking it might be a frozen viking or something along those lines.

Enter the TARDIS, materializing on its side.  Out pops the Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria, and all of them are dressed for the weather if you ignore Jamie is still in his kilt with his legs bare.  I think Victoria is wearing leggings, but it’s hard to tell in black and white.  And, of course, both the Doctor and Jamie step on each other as they climb out of the TARDIS.  They’re right next to the outpost, and they decide to go inside, much to Victoria’s chagrin.  She just knows it’s going to be dangerous because it’s always dangerous.

Oh, it is.  The three are mistaken for residents that need to evacuate in an orderly manner, but the Doctor manages to get to the control room where he immediately knows exactly how to fix their problems if they’d just listen to him.  They listen enough, so it looks like the TARDIS crew will get to stick around when those guys wheel in that frozen fellow that the Doctor is sure isn’t a viking.  The helmet is wrong and everything.

But as Jamie asks a scandalized Victoria why she doesn’t wear the miniskirts the other women are, no one seems to notice that as the ice melts, that guy seems to be still alive.