December 8, 2022

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Noteworthy Issues: The Amazing Spider-Man #52.1 (November, 2020)

Dr. Strange and Spider-Man's allies rally to do...something while Spidey is off dealing with Kindred.

So, am I supposed to be getting something out of these tie-in issues?  I can appreciate up to a point that this storyline is supposed to be big, so these .1 issues are showing what everyone else is up to while Spider-Man does what he has to in order to fight Kindred.

Or something.

But they aren’t all that interesting compared to the main story.

Issue:  The Amazing Spider-Man #52.1, November 2020

Writers:  Nick Spencer and Matthew Rosenberg

Artist:  Federico Vincentini

The Plot:  As Spider-Man’s friends rally to help, Norman Osborn and the Sin-Eater do their own thing.

Commentary:  Alright, is anything actually going to happen?  Anything relevant?

The previous issue, #52, showed Kindred stabbing Spider-Man and presumably killing him.  So, really, I would want to check in there, right?  But the series, instead, does this ridiculous fill-in issue to show what else is going on.  The Spider-Friends are free now, so they, Black Cat, and Dr. Strange will be looking into helping Peter out if they can.

Norman Osborn, he’s trying to convince Mary Jane that he isn’t a villain at the moment.

And Sin-Eater is out to find a new source for power by taking on the sins (and power) of Morlun.  He even got some idiot henchmen to turn themselves into spider-people to attract Morlun from wherever that spider-avatar-eating goober is.

That actually seems to be the most interesting even if I have no idea how Sin-Eater thinks he can take an Inheritor’s power.  I would think not, largely because Sin-Eater only seemed to have power at all thanks to Kindred, and that seems to have been revoked.  Or something.  The Sin-Eater arc didn’t make a lot of sense in the end.  If it’s even over.

So, yeah, a filler issue, and not something that made me all that happy to read it.

Grade:  C

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