June 19, 2024

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Gotham “One Bad Day”

Season Four, Episode Twenty-One

Wait, hold the phone…did Gotham just do its own version of The Killing Joke?

That sure does seem to be what’s going on.  Jeremiah, now much paler, has hijacked his twin brother’s gang and placed bombs all over town.  Jim Gordon is believed to be dead, so it’s up to Harvey Bullock to somehow save the day.

He does, by the way, with help from Lucius Fox, a very much alive Jim Gordon, and a tricked Ed Nygma.  Why try to figure things out on your own when your ex-fiance is hanging out with a self-proclaimed genius who would be more than happy to prove how smart he is by showing him some stuff from Jeremiah’s underground bunker?  Then it just comes down to Bullock actually defusing the bomb himself.  Left with two wires to cut, he uses the Homer Simpson method, and it works.  Harvey saves the day…at least for now.

C’mon.  There’s still a season finale left to go.

But most of this episode seems to be devoted to Jeremiah’s making Bruce think Alfred is being tortured to insanity somewhere, all while asking Bruce if has ever had that one bad day.

You know, like the Joker does to Commissioner Gordon in The Killing Joke.

It works a little better for Jeremiah here in that Bruce almost falls for a crazy Alfred before Selina shows him how it was all a trick from Scarecrow gas.  C’mon, Bruce.  You saw the Scarecrow on the way in!  Selina managed to smack him around with a couple random henchmen!  Scarecrow gas is a thing!

So, does this mean I like Jeremiah as a suitable substitute for Jerome?  Eh, not exactly.  He just seems…wrong somehow.  He doesn’t have the anarchic glee of Jerome.  He’s dour and kinda emotionless.  Though it is a bit ridiculous that Penguin thought he could negotiate with Jeremiah for some money to pay Hugo Strange to fix Butch.  I mean, even Barbara thought that was kinda stupid, and she’s not a criminal mastermind.

By the way, who gave Jeremiah a rocket launcher?

Eh, never mind.  Ra’s al-Ghul apparently thinks he can work with that guy.  Or not since Jeremiah shot Selina in Stately Wayne Manor and was getting a Pennyworth’s of a knuckle sandwich.  Wayne Manor needs some locks or something if everyone can just walk in.

So, will Jeremiah become a better villain?  I dunno.  He’s not Jerome.  He’s not even a Professor Pyg.