July 22, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Faceless Ones Part 3”

The Second Doctor. "The Faceless Ones," Episode Three.

Well, here’s the last surviving episode of this serial.  After this, it’s nothing but those oddly animated episodes for the rest of the story.

Still, these face-stealing aliens are gonna regret messing with this Doctor.

Let’s look at the facts:  they can’t hold one clumsy man without any sort of weapons.  They tried gassing him.  He plugged the vents with some handkerchiefs.  They tried watching him.  He tossed his coat over the obvious surveillance camera.  And when one guy came to get him, the Doctor played dead and zapped the guy with a paralyzer, the same weapon he will later use to convince the officious airport commandant to give him free reign in the airport for 12 hours.

At least the Scotland Yard detective is helpful.   Jamie and his new friend Samantha filled in most of what they know, and it turns out the guy Polly saw getting killed was the Inspector’s partner or colleague or something.  Somehow, I suspect Jamie trusted the guy because he was from Scotland Yard, and Jamie doesn’t know a whole lot about stuff in this modern world.

So, that’s one cop, and the theories the Doctor offers are helpful, but cops need proof. Jamie helps there, too.  Sure, the Doctor asked him to watch the kiosk, but Samantha seems to have tricked him into going with her to the Chameleon Tours hanger.  They found a stack of postcards there and a map…pre-written postcards.

Oh yeah, that helps.  It’s much more helpful than the Doctor’s staring at air traffic controllers while they do their jobs.  That seems a lot more dangerous.

OK, but if those Chameleon jerks are onto the Doctor, what can they do?  Oh, one slaps a disk of some kind on the Doctor’s back.  It almost kills the Doctor, but Jamie is quick with his disk-destroying shoes.

But what are these Chameleon guys up to?  Inspector Crossland decides to make the best move possible:  he demands to talk to a manager at the kiosk.  That gets him to see Captain Blade and…wait, the manager of the tour company is a pilot?  That seems…unlikely.  Regardless, the Inspector is taken captive because these guys have those same ray guns the Doctor was showing off, and he learns what Chameleon is doing when, midair, all of the passengers disappear.

OK, that can’t be good for anybody.  And these guys have Ben and Polly.  The Doctor better get his act together.