September 30, 2022

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Yellowjackets “Flight Of The Bumblebee”

Season One, Episode Eight.

Alright, as much as I have been enjoying this show, I find one question going through my mind:  is there something supernatural going on here?

See, a lot of what I am seeing could have a rational, real world explanation, or at least one that fits within the real world that Yellowjackets has displayed so far.  Some of what’s here is rather mundane.  Heck, most of the stuff in the present day is rather mundane.  Jeff is sure not acting like a man cheating on his wife, and Shauna’s daughter Callie is pretty quick to point out holes in new lover Adam’s story…like why does an aspiring artist not have a presence on social media?  Taissa thinks she has a split personality caused by PTSD from her time in the woods.  That can explain a lot of what’s going on with her, and while I don’t know if multiple personality disorder works that way (or even if it’s a real condition depending on what psychiatrists you talk to), but I can accept it on a work of fiction here.  Natalie almost has a relapse, but then Misty sees it on her monitor and runs over and snorts the coke herself.  That’s mundane.  Misty is weird, but weird within reason.  Likewise, there is one thing that can make Misty lose her cool, and that’s to threaten her parrot.

There is a conspiracy in the background of things, possibly, such that Misty does pass along to Natalie that Travis’s bank account was emptied out, and Natalie can actually blackmail her old AA sponsor for confidential banking information.  That’s dark, but it’s not supernatural in any way.

Even if the conspiracy turns out to be a weird cult, that still doesn’t mean there’s something supernatural going on.

In the past, there’s still the question of Lottie’s visions.  They could be the result of a mental illness.  She was taking medication for it, and it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility for a bunch of inexperienced and naive teenage girls to assume Lottie’s visions are for real especially if she keeps somehow predicting things before they happen, especially if her visions are cryptic enough to fit any number of scenarios.

But then there’s the spotlight here on Laura Lee, the devout Christian girl who rescued her teddy bear from the wreckage, assumed Lottie’s visions were sent by divine powers, and it turns out may be able to fly a small plane the girls found in the woods.  Her grandpa let her go up with him a couple times, she’s studied the manual, and when Taissa and the others come back with a badly injured but still alive Van and knowing Shauna is pregnant, Laura Lee volunteers to fly the plane to civilization.  Only Coach Ben thinks it’s a bad idea, but no one really listens to him all that much anyway.

Laura Lee’s successfully flying the plane to get help would have made the show end a lot sooner, and the opening scene of the pilot already told me she isn’t getting help that way.  So, what happened?  She got the plane off the ground with her teddy bear as the only other passenger, riding shotgun, and that’s when the thing I can’t find a reasonable explanation for happens:  the teddy bear catches fire.


Seriously, how?

I mean, the plane itself explodes and kills Laura Lee as she’s flying over the lake, and a fire breaking out on the plane is something that could happen, but how did the freakin’ teddy bear start it?

And if she’s the devout Christian, does that mean Lottie’s visions are maybe a wee bit more…demonic?

I’m not sure I can find out in the last two episodes of season one, but I look forward to finding out.

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