July 22, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Faceless Ones Part 2”

The Second Doctor. "The Faceless Ones," Episode Two.

Alright, back to the animation.  And man, is this one silly.

I expect silly from Doctor Who especially the Second Doctor’s adventures.  This one has aliens who steal faces and identities working for the mysterious Chameleon Tours…


…and they offer discounts to young travelers, many of whom conveniently never return.  Polly appears to be a victim of them, with a Polly double claiming to be from Zurich and moving to England to get a job.  She’s never seen the Doctor or Jamie and even has an excuse for why she has an English accent.

Oh, and the job she has it apparently to work the airport kiosk for Chameleon Tours…


…and that seems like an odd job to move from Switzerland to England to take, but what do I know?

However, the Doctor is on the case.  He and Jamie make a run from the authorities, and here’s where the silly begins.  The Doctor and Jamie hide behind some newspapers, Jamie holding his upside down.  I don’t know if that’s an animation detail or what, but it fits.  Ben is still loose, and he finds the pair and even has a safe place to chat:  a photo booth.

By then, the Doctor has gotten wise when he sees an ad for Chameleon Tours, and…


…OK, I’ll stop that bit now.  The Doctor realizes that the company has a blatantly obvious name suggesting bad things.  The Doctor might be making progress with the top guy at the airport while Jamie keeps an eye on fake-Polly.  That includes meeting and confiding in Samantha, a young woman whose brother took a tour and never returned.  Fake-Polly, meanwhile, has to deal with what to tell someone making demands from her kiosk window.

By then, Ben found the real Polly in suspended animation in a hanger, but he gets jumped.  The Doctor sees it happen over a viewscreen.  Ben can’t hear anything.  The Doctor can’t see the bad guys watching the Doctor.  And all this because the Doctor realized the bad guys have an obvious name suggesting nasty shenanigans.