September 30, 2022

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The Afterparty “Maggie”

Season One Finale.

Well, that was fun.

Really, this was just fun.  The final episode had young Maggie’s story as she witnessed a lot of things that she didn’t quite understand while the flashback took the form of a children’s show where Maggie narrated and there were puppets among the party guests.  Brett’s epic fistfight with a bouncer was actually a quick slap to the face of a caterer.  And Maggie’s story more or less finalized that the singing man was the last one to see Xavier.  Or the singing man was Xavier.  It might have been Brett’s going after Xavier for trying to screw around with Zoe or it might have been Aniq who was up there anyway.

Actually, it was neither of them.  It was Yasper.

Sure, he denies it, but he was mad Xavier wouldn’t do him that shout-out, and Xavier wasn’t interested because Yasper dumped him once upon a time.

Apparently, Danner used all of the stories she was told, including Indigo’s and her own, to explain what happened because there were some minor indiscretions, and the only reason she suspected Aniq at all was because he and Yasper were clearly friends and she wanted to make sure he wasn’t an accomplice.  He wasn’t.

And, oddly enough, everyone got what they wanted.  Chelsea got forgiveness from Zoe and apologies from the Jennifers.  Brett is embraced by the group.  Zoe and Aniq get together.  Danner solved the case before that asshole from the city showed up.  Walt will be remembered.  And even Yasper got what he wanted because now he’s finally famous.

So, I got through this first mystery with a second season on the way, the only returning character probably being Tiffany Haddish’s Danner.  How was this?  It was fun, but not as much fun as I might have hoped for.  The genre parodies were sometimes somewhat hit or miss.  They were always funny, but if the genre is basically defined by just making the lighting brighter, than either there isn’t much to parody or the parody is so light that it might as well be non-existent as was the case for Aniq and Danner’s respective stories.  Others, like Brett’s, had their moments, but then there’d be an episode like the Chelsea, Yasper, or Zoe-based ones where the show went all-out and did something really impressive.  Those were the episodes I liked best, and even when the parody wasn’t as sharp as I might have hoped, it was still a funny show with some sharp characters, often played by recognizable actors who were impeccably cast.  True, I may not have had much to say about individual episodes, but that tends to happen with comedies anyway.

But this show wasn’t quite on par with Only Murders in the Building.  That’s coming back soon.

In the meantime, something new is needed for Mondays.  And in that case, the thing to do is find something else that came back, this one after a long absence:

Yes, time to return to Dawkins.

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