May 22, 2024

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Yellowjackets “No Compass”

Season One, Episode Seven.

I’ve spent most of my write-ups here discussing the stuff in the flashbacks.  That’s despite the fact I absolutely adore Christina Ricci on this show.

But it also means there’s this whole blackmail subplot I never saw fit to mention.

To be honest, the blackmail stuff is starting to pay off as Natalie, Shauna, and Taissa make a drop off to an unseen person, give chase, and even fire some shots at the guy.  Or, more accurately, Natalie fires a couple shots at the guy since she swiped her new sex buddy Kevyn’s police gun.  And he may end up covering for her when he finds some bullets missing that she won’t quite say where she used ’em.

Misty, meanwhile is interrogating the fake reporter, now revealed to be someone Taissa sent off to make sure the other survivors weren’t going to say anything.  That does lead to the question of what exactly it is Taissa doesn’t want them to say, particularly since Taissa sometimes acts like a completely different person.  I mean, Shauna is sleeping with that Adam guy and there’s the comedy or errors involved with hiding him when Jeff comes home.  But that’s about the worst that seems these people might do, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Taissa’s political career.  You know, if you don’t count holding someone prisoner in a basement or firing off a gun that a sleeping cop doesn’t know the shooter borrowed.

Regardless, the present-day plot had more going on this time, made best by Misty’s interrogation of Jessica, who claims she isn’t the blackmailer but that yes, Travis was murdered.  Really, Misty’s present day scenes are easily the best in any given episode.

However, there is stuff going on in the past, mostly involving Taissa’s attempts to find help.  She has a small band that includes her girlfriend Van and Misty, the one girl who doesn’t seem to realize Coach Ben lied to her about special feelings she needs to keep secret because Misty blatantly can’t keep that secret.  That expedition goes bad, and not just because Lottie’s predictions come true.  No, it’s because they get attacked by a pack of wolves, after which Van looks like she is missing a good chunk of her face.

But then there’s Jackie and Shauna.  Shauna says she’s pregnant by some random guy.  Jackie doesn’t quite believe it, but she’s supportive.

Later, she’s reading Shauna’s diary and crying.

Jackie seems to be the tragic one here, the closest the team has to a normal person, and she’s not in the present.  So, really, this isn’t going to be good for her, but it should create some good drama.  I can go for that.